Be Still My Type A Heart

I got a new planner!!
I repeat, I got a new planner!!
This isn't just any old, one-page-per-week, scholastic-purposes-only type of planner, this planner is a-mazing. I must give you a picture so that you can get the full pleasure of this moment.
Isn't it just beautiful? The moment I got it (thank you, thank you, thank you Schorr and Russell) I began transferring dates from my phone...where I have been reduced, in my non-planner-holding state, to keeping my calendar.
So this gargantuan, slightly odd sense of pleasure that I got from something so small made me think: "Do other people have things like this that they get disproportionately happy over?."
Come on, folks, I was honest about my quirk...spill the beans.

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Spilling the beans said...

Tennis ... yes, tennis is my quirk!

Guess Who?????