Dough! Nuts!

Attention: I Hate Donuts.
Ok. You still there? Just give me a chance to defend myself.
Donuts are like the imposter dessert. The Milli Vanilli of sweet things. If I wanted to eat bread, I'd eat bread. When I want something sweet, though, I expect something that resulted from the mass murder of many cocoa beans. It's only fair.
That said: OhMiGawd! Someone take me here right now. Actually: yesterday. Take me here YESTERDAY!
I want this one
And this one
And this one
And then I'd like to bath in this one, please. Thanks.

This is SUCH a crucial priority for me when we move. Who wants to join?


9 Months

Today we had our nine month pediatrician appointment. Which means that in a little less than 3 months we will be having our ONE YEAR pediatrician appointment. Which means that my brain is about to implode from the sheer thought of the fact that I am going to have a TODDLER soon....so I probably won't even make it to her 1 year appt. Cause I hear that brain implosion can be pretty hazardous to ones' life. Caaa-razy!
No shots today, just a little finger prick...and we got Evie's measurements. Weight: 16 pounds - 6th percentile. Height 27 inches - 25th percentile. She is still a little Scobey with a HUGE personality. The doctor said that she was ahead of the game and super strong. He doesn't know the half of it. Evie is the smartest baby I have ever met. She picks up on things so quickly and she is super curious. Graham calls her Taz. As in, Tasmanian Devil, because she is always, always moving. Usually really quickly and towards something that will hurt her.
And she is LOUD. Good granny, is she loud. She is constantly babbling and laughing and saying "Yo yo yo dawgs, look at me" (she is really hip). Ok, maybe she doesn't freestyle yet, but she has said her first word. See? Genius baby. I told you. "Uh-oh", indeed.
I cannot believe that it has been nine months. I know I say that every month... but it doesn't make it any less true. You have been out of my belly longer than you were in it. Somehow this is both amazing and a little sad. You are a growing girl. And there is nothing in this world that I can do about it. So I breath in every moment with you: let myself forget about work on my days home, turn off the cell phone so I don't miss a single chance to crawl around on the floor with you, sneak in your room when you are asleep so I can stare at you in your crib. I think it takes being a parent to finally realize how quickly time passes, so I am making every effort I can to enjoy the moments. See how much you are teaching me?
I love you an infinite amount. And I am grateful to you for all of the ways that you challenge me, without even knowing it, to be a better person. You are all of the best things about this world wrapped up in one fun-sized, chubby-cheeked package, and I don't know how I got lucky enough to get the job of being your mom... but I am thankful for it every day.



If you haven't seen Legally Blonde than you barely deserve to LIVE... much less understand the title of this post.
I am sitting on the vacuumed floor of my empty house that will be completely vacant tomorrow. Because I am leaving. For good. And this makes me a little bit sad so right now I am going to talk about something that makes me happy. Affirmation.
I am such a sucker for positive affirmation. In fact, one time when we were at will call for a UCONN game the ticket woman told me I was a "smart cookie" for keeping the confirmation # for our tickets (they were having trouble finding them in the system) and I was all: "REALLY?!? Do you want me to marry your son?? Here! HAVE MY UNBORN CHILD!". There might be some deep-seated issues here that need to be gone over in therapy. I'm not sure.
Issues or no issues, this month I received a couple of really awesome blogging-attaboys that made me feel all warm inside (and outside... cause I peed myself).
First Meghan of Tucker Take Tennessee gave me my very first blogging award. She has an awesome blog full of great crafts and recipes and all things super-momish. The award looks like this:
I am a ray of sunshine, aren't I? ARENT I!?!?!
Secondly, I got to be a guest blogger on Modern Mom in a featured article on Mommy Bloggers. I really enjoyed writing for them and hopefully will continue to do so in the future.
So there you have it *pats own back*. But seriously, is there anything better than being told you are doing a good job at something you love? Gold Star!


One Small Step for Man...

One giant LEAP for Scobey-kind!!

Our first official blog post as a husband and wife photography team is up. We are so excited (and kind of emotional, to be totally honest) about all of the huge things that are happening (at a very rapid pace). Thank you all for your neverending support and encouragement. We just love and appreciate you so much.

Stop by and leave Ali and Josh some comment love


Lame Sauce

Sorry for the blogging hiatus... things have been crazy, crazy busy (and it's not gonna settle down anytime soon). I am determined to keep on keepin' on, though... so here we go.
For weeks (and weeks and weeks) I had been dreading last Friday. More than any other day of this gonna-take-three-months-to-get-it-done move. More than any day of my ENTIRE life, even: Like a root canal with no pain meds. On a Saturday. While all your friends are at the beach... being slathered with oil by Chippendales dancers.
It was to be an entire, 16-hour-day of traveling, with my 9-month-old and mother-in-law.
Our morning began at 5am, waking Evie up so that we could begin the long drive from one side of Connecticut to the other so that I could teach from 9-12 before we headed to the Boston Airport. The stars aligned, though, and Evie napped the whole way to UCONN. Then, on the second leg of our drive, Evie took another nap. By the time we got to our gate (all the while carrying two carry-ons each, a baby and a stroller) we were so proud of ourselves that we were fartin' rainbows.
Then, because of Debbie's I'm-BFF-with-the-inventor-of-Delta Diamond Medallion Member status, we got to hop on an earlier flight, sit next to one another, check our bags for free, and BOARD THE PLANE FIRST.
Next time you see her you should channel your best Robin Leach and say "Diaaaaaaamonds, dahhhhhhhhhhling". She would like that. (She was seriously such a rock-star all day...Evie would have probably eaten my tears for lunch if Debbie hadn't been there to help me).
The day was going really well; and guys, leaving the Atlanta airport with SMILES on our faces felt pretttty good. After a full day of traveling I would have been satisfied with everyone having all of their appendages intact. But no: we go big. We were SMILING. Diamonds, y'all. Diamonds.
But then we got into the car. With a tired Evie. At 5:15 on a Friday evening. In Atlanta. And here's where I will tell you that listening to a baby cry, neigh... scream, for 2 hours is worse than getting a curb sandwich. So now you know.
But then, just 120 minutes of sheer misery later, we were home. The day I had been dreading for weeks was over. And it was beautiful.



Somebody just knock me up so that I can have a reason to go buy this paper doll bedding from Dwell Studio. It's so cute it might almost be worth another 6 months of sleepless nights.
Soooooo adorable!