Stormy Saturday

Well it has been a good end to a crazy week. We had friends over for a Halloween party on Friday and had a blast. Then we cleaned, relaxed, and ran errands on Saturday. It had been threatening to storm all day long when, at around 3:30 (right when we got home, thankfully), it started to pour. Not only was it raining, but the wind was reaching 40 mph gusts...needless to say our potted plants were all toppled this morning. Then, at 4:00pm, our power went out and didn't come back on until around 7. This is one time that my love for candles has come in handy.

Today we are taking it slow yet again.
Weekends are the most wonderful time to recuperate.

Two weekends ago I went to Atlanta for my Papa's 65th birthday party. It was so wonderful to see all my family. Here are some overdue pictures from the fun-filled weekend.Just a quick update. More to come later.


Crazy, Wonderful Life

I apologize for the lack in posting lately...things have gotten really busy around here really quickly and time has just gotten away from me.

It is winter here...well, in my opinion at least. This week the temperature has ranged from the low 30's to the mid 50's, and Graham, Bear, and Myself are all having to bundle up to go on our walks now.
We have (finally) hung some artwork in our dining room...my little sister (who is, obviously, an incredibly talented artist) painted these trees for our new home right before we moved (there is another one on the other side of the window). I love them.My other sister, Lauren, wrote a beautiful post this past week about the difference between wishing for things and having hope in God. It made me realize that, in my moments of weakness and sadness, I am too prone to wishing...that thing were better, different, easier...when what I really need to be doing is praying a prayer of thanks that I am, in reality, exactly where God wants me to be. He does, after all, know so much more about what I need that I do. Thank you, La, for challenging my perspective.