A New Beginning

You know how sometimes people say: "I've got good news and bad news... which do you want first" and it's usually something like "The bad news is your hamster was eaten by a triceratops, but I brought you a piece of black licorice" (which is actually like two pieces of bad news because, if you like black licorice chances are your taste receptors are non-functioning... and maybe your brain, too).
Well, I've got good news and bad news:
Bad News: I am not going to be blogging at Three Scobeys anymore
Good News: Business and Atlanta and Pretty-much-everything-involved-in-life is going so incredibly well (and is super-duper busy). There just aren't enough hours in the day to do all of the things that I want to do right now... which is totally fine... but something's gotta give... and this is it. This blog (and all of you amazing people who have bolstered my resolve and wiped my tears with your comments and support) has been so good for me; it gave me an outlet at a time in my life when I most needed one, and it allowed me to chronicle the first year of Evie's life (which is great since I never even cracked the binding of her baby-book).

This isn't the end of ThreeScobeys, though. It's more like a merging. Instead of blogging here, there will be a weekly (and, on really awesome weeks, bi/tri-weekly) personal post over at Scobey Photography. So, if you still want to stay up to date on what's going on in our lives, you can! (CHEERS! CONFETTI! VUVUZELAS!).
In fact, the first post is already up... just waiting with baited breath for you to go and affirm it with a comment. See you there!


Eleven Months

Evie -loo-who turned 11 months on May 16th. She has changed so much this month; it is all-at-once completely magical and unbelievable. She has gone, in four short weeks, from being a baby to being a little girl.
First, there was the walking (I KNOW, right? People, please keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times... we are moving at warp speed), then there were the teeth, and now? Now we are running. As in: "I-want-to-go-from-here-to-there-a-little-faster-so-I'll-just-pick-up-the-pace" running. My child is a GENIUS. No big deal.
This was the first of her month'days (ya' know, month-birthdays...) that we have spent in Atlanta. It feels so good to be here, surrounded by friends and family and Chick-fil-a's... it's even better than I imagined, if that's possible.

This was one of the most wonderfully difficult months to watch you grow. Not because it was hard, but because I am not ready for you to be a big girl. I am not ready for you to need me less... because I will never need you less. You have filled a hole in my heart that I didn't even know existed.
I cannot put into words how beautiful you are... how amazing you are. Your brilliance leaves me speechless on a daily basis. You know how to go up the stairs and then turn around and go down them backwards. You started saying "bye-bye" today... just like that. You heard Lolly say it to you when she got out of the car, and you said it back. Like it was NOTHING. And I am so proud of you... but I wish you would slow down a little bit. Oh, and now? When you don't get your way? You scream at us, like full on vocal-demons-of-the-underworld-coming-out-of-my-throat screaming. That I could do without. But, as much as you are able to do, you are also very cautious... which means that you don't get hurt a lot (mommy's nerves thank you).
To live in your world means to see everything as if it is for the first time: to smile at every stranger we pass... to get excited when you see balloons at the grocery store. I will never be able to adequately thank you for everything that you have taught me.
I love you more with every breath.
- Mommy


Where My Mother-Fathers at?

My sister and brother-in-law sent me this video a few night ago... and I laughed so friggin' hard. Probably because Graham and I rap as much as humanly possible - about everything from the potty to what kind of curry paste we are using in dinner.

Seriously, are you kidding me with this brilliant marketing? Someone must have called and told them what parents 2.0 looked like... because *DUH* those people are our twins! God help me when I am a part of a mini-vans commercial's target market... and I LIKE IT!


Georgia Peaches

It's been a while... but here is an update: WE LIVE IN ATLANTA!!
Also: I have my Masters, Evie has a tooth (right? we are not talking about this. denial.), and Scobey Photography was featured on SW's Southern Wedding of the Week.
Life is literally so good right now that I have nothing to complain about. I cannot even manage to muster up the tiniest bit of cynicism. My blog may be ruined!
Don't worry... I'll find something to be angry and mean about soon.
Evie turns 11-months-old this weekend. Maybe that will piss me off. Actually, I'll probably just get really, really sad.

** They wouldn't let me embed the official video because apparently The Presidents are bitter about their has-been status... so you get to look at a pretty slideshow of fruit. See? I'm angry and mean already. The blog lives!**


Should I Be Worried?

Graham has decided that this is a good time to bring up his dissatisfaction with my hair. THIS, a time when there is clearly nothing else going on; nothing else to be concerned about. He's all: "So... umm... is there anything you can do about that frizz?" And I'm all "well, I could bludgeon you with the blunt end of a pigeon... that would probably fix the problem."
And, you know, maybe I haven't taken the best care of myself since giving-birth-and-getting-my-masters-and-moving-and-changing-careers-and-finding-a-house. Gee golly gosh wizzo, I WONDER WHY?! Also, that's the price you pay for marrying someone who only showers 3 times a week and spends $10 annually on makeup. But we are never late because of me, are we?
But then... then I go to give Evie a bath the other day and I find THIS:
Tell me, Mr. Scobey, husband of four years and father to my daughter, what need have you for PHEROMONES? Is my hair sooooooo unattractively frizzy that you have the need to put yourself back on the market? IS IT?!?
I wikipediad that shizz and you know what I found? Pheromones: "chemicals capable of acting outside the body of the secreting individual to impact the behavior of the receiving individual"
I hope you attract a female. A female WILD BOAR.
And now I bet we are all up on Child Service's radar for bathing our 10-month-old in lady chemicals (or near them. same thing basically.) And when they come knocking on our door I am SO throwing you under the bus, Cracker. Be forewarned.
But then I found this.
So maybe he isn't looking for another woman. It's just that our marriage is boring. Phew. I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER NOW!

**graham really didn't want me to post this. so, you know... I did. love you honey.**


Double Digit Oldness

Evie turned ten-months today. I remember rocking her when she was just a few weeks old, tears streaming down my face as I sang "I love you, more than anything", wishing it were true... willing it to be true. I remember how painful it was to feel disconnected from my daughter. I never could have imagined that, in just a few short months, all of that pain would seem like a distant memory; that I would never be able to recall loving her with any less than all of me.

Missy Goo,
You have managed to do it again. You've managed to make me fall even more in love with you. You are the smartest baby this side of the Mississippi (actually, the Universe, but I don't want to offend all of the babies who read my blog). You learned how to hug this month. It is painfully adorable. You make the cutest little sound when you squeeze; like "mmmmmmmmmm mmmmm" (I think you learned it from your Pops). You wave now, too, which makes you even more magnetic to strangers. They are mesmerized by you and your beautiful, blue eyes (I am, too). My life has changed so much over the past ten months. YOU have changed my life so much. I want to pinch myself sometimes, when I'm cuddling you and those little arms wrap around my neck, because I know that I don't deserve this. I don't deserve you. I know for certain that I don't... so all I can be is thankful. And when things get hectic, as they often do when you're finishing up graduate school, moving and running a small business at the same time, all I have to do is look at your smile or hear your funny, machine-gun-laugh, and suddenly everything falls into perspective; I remember what is really important, the rest is just trivial.
Bear has really started to warm up to you, too. In fact, just today he let you crawl in his kennel for the first time. Once you were in there, though, he promptly squeezed out and then used his paw to close the door. It sounds mean, but the teasing goes both ways... At lunch today you stuck your slobbery hand down (holding a piece of chicken) and made Bear think you were going to feed him. Once you had let him lick the chicken for a few seconds, you promptly ate it. It's a good thing me and germs have a pretty decent relationship.


Laundry Joy

I am in home decorating overdrive. I am eating, sleeping, breathing Craig's List right now... and I cannot wait to finally get to Atlanta so that I can put my reupholstering skills to the test. By the way, if anyone has any tips on reupholstering I would really appreciate them... because there is actually a pretty decent chance that I am going to end up with a bunch of naked furniture... it's the putting-it-back-on part that sorta intimidates me.
And this? How fantastic is this? This is going to be going in my laundry room. I really like birds. And french fries.