Spring Fever


I woke up yesterday feeling less than ideal, but I went to school and got through classes. By this morning things had gotten progressively worse, so I decided to go to the walk-in-clinic and see if there was anything serious going on. After 45 minutes of waiting, a quick throat swab and 15 more minutes of waiting I got my answer: STREP THROAT.

I blame Connecticut (insert our daily Communication lesson: this is known as an external attribution - when something bad happens to you, you blame it on the environment...). It is almost April here, and yet between the gale force winds and measly 38 degrees it might as well be the DEAD OF WINTER.

Adding to my misery: I am 30 weeks pregnant and therefore cannot have any of the antibiotics or shots typically used to treat strep throat. What CAN I have, you might ask. Tylenol. And throat lozenges that do not contain eucalyptus. Awesome. I should be better in no time. Not.

This has been a particularly negative post, so I will end it with a knock-knock joke...they make everything slightly more cheery:Knock Knock. Who's there? Norma Lee. Norma Lee who? Normalee I don't go around knocking on doors, but would you like to buy an encyclopedia?

Ha. Ha. Ha.


Once Upon a Sunday

I (the great Bear Scobey) decided to go on a little adventure today. It was windy and cold...but I am very, very brave.

Along the way I saw many strange and wondrous things. There was a small Gnome sitting beside a lake...but I dared not disturb him...as you all know how irritable small men can be.
Then I had to pass over treacherous waters by way of a small and rickety wooden bridge. It was scary...but I am very, very brave.
Then a marvelous thing happened. While I was making my way through the woods I found a Prince. I thought about taking him home with me, as he would surely not be difficult to housebreak, but I decided it best to let him stay where he was...just in case there were any Dragons that needed to be slain.
After such a long day...filled with so many wonderful adventures...I found myself quite excited and in need of a rest-room. This pile of sticks would just have to do. Afterward I felt much better, and decided to head home to my mommy and daddy (who would no doubt be overjoyed to see me). And They All Lived Happily Ever After.
The End.


Photography 101

Happy first day of Spring, everyone! It was in the 40's and dreary all day here...not exactly the trumpeting songs of Lilies that I might have hoped for to ring in the season. Graham and I went to a birthday party for one of his coworkers this afternoon...there were cupcakes involved. And gut-busting laughter. And greasy pizza. It was pretty much amazing.

Afterward Professor Scobey (the man formerly known as Graham) took me out for a lesson in photography. There is so much to know about cameras, and his brain has a capacity to hold much more than mine does (like the entire contents of a camera's user manual), but I had a lot of fun learning what I could.

Here are some of the pictures from my first session.


Etsy Wants All of My Money...

And if I had money to give it, I would do so gladly and without hesitation (that's right, husband-of-mine...WITHOUT HESITATION. What?!?).

My current wants are:

These ADORABLE little baby shoes (you cannot really say that without thinking of the Target Lady from SNL, can you?) from PedroSprout.

Delicate and simple rings from Cherry Creek. Of course the two sets of initials I would choose would be GS and ES...then I would literally have my two greatest loves wrapped around my finger.

My guest bedroom wall is begging me to put this print on it...literally...it is starting to keep me up at night.

I am a mug addict and lately I have been in sort of a bird-phase (it's all because of Evie's nursery). Hence, I am obsessed with this whimsical cup from Catherine Reese.

...a girl can dream.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, everyone!! **PINCH**(that was for all you not wearing green...for shame!)


Home Again, Home Again

Well...we are back in Connecticut. It is completely bittersweet because it is really great to be back home (and I left my house SPOTLESS, which adds to the great by 10) but the beach was amazing and wonderful and warm. I could have spent another week there, easy.

Our next vacation will probably be in a year, when we take little Evie down to the beach over Mama's spring break (I get Spring Breaks...because I am going to be in school for the rest of my life...). I cannot wait to see if she loves the sand and sun as much as her mom, dad, and brother (Bear) do.

Speaking of Evie...our little chuck-roast has a BED now!! While we were in Atlanta last weekend we went by The Baby's Room in Roswell and ordered her crib and chair. I am so excited (relieved) that this is done. Shipping should take 6-10 weeks...and we have 11 1/2 left until she is here...but no worries, it will get done.

All we need now is for the little monkey to keep growing and get here when she is ready.


Spring Break 2K9

I have decided that dolling out random compliments is about the nicest thing a person can do for a pregnant woman. Last night Graham and I ate at The Red Bar (cue salivation). On the way out a woman stopped me by the arm and said "You look great". It made my life.

Let me lay it out for you. I am 7 1/2 months pregnant, 25 pounds heavier than I was this time last year and at the beach where (as if the aforementioned things did not already make me feel large enough to physically eat Panama City) every tanorexic college student within a 9 state radius has decided to spend the week.

They lounge there on their towels, all tan and size-zero, sunbathing RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. I hate them all. I am no longer dwelling over being able to eat Panama City...I am going to eat them.

I have also begun to waddle. Matters of size aside, though, it has been an amazing trip. I do not want to go back to Connecticut (where, coincidentally, it has been snowing all week).


Our Child, the Vegetable

This month little girl Scobey is the size of a squash.

Side note here: when you think of a squash, is this the picture that comes to mind? No! You think of a yellow summer squash, am I right? I do not even think that I have ever encountered a squash such as this one in real life...I don't even know that I believe it is one.

Regardless...Evie is roughly the size of this squash-impostor. More specifically, over the next 3 weeks she will grow from 15.5 inches to 17 inches in length, and from 2.5 pounds to 4 pounds. You grow, girl! (ohmigod I am my mother)


Nap Time

I have always enjoyed naps (just ask any of my college roommates). Being 7 months pregnant, however, has taken naps from being an enjoyable indulgence to an absolute necessity for my sanity and the health of those around me (read: my husband).

My institution-worthy-crazy-pregnant-lady mood swings only seem to occur when this one condition is met: I am tired. Being expectant-mom-tired is not a normal kind of exhaustion. In fact, this symptom is probably my biggest complaint of pregnancy thus-far (cankles are really edging this one out of first place at the moment, though). It is a bone-achingly, body-ceasing-to-function kind of tired that I cannot really describe. This is why "rest" becomes so important when one is making a baby. So I nap. I nap for humanity, really. I do it so that all of you can have a more peaceful existence (read, again: my husband).

Luckily, I have the most phenomenal and loyal nap buddy. He completely understands the importance of mid-day sleeping.

Also, happy March everyone. I thought that it was getting warmer here...which meant that, surely, Spring was not far away. Nope. We are currently getting pummeled with snow. Today the weatherperson is calling for 4-8 inches, with another 8-12 to fall tomorrow. It is laughable, really. Except I AM NOT LAUGHING. Neither is my nap buddy, because all of his easy-to-pee-on green grass is covered up...again. Poor guy.