Best Thursday EVER!!!

Graham brought me home CUPCAKES from work last night. Putting it mildly, his boss is the BOMB! Nothing else is remotely worth posting about compared to this:

Note: There was a coconut flavored one (pictured above) and a chocolate-peanut butter flavored one. They are both being happily digested by my stomach juices right about now. Yum.


I Have to Have This!!

I know that it will be a long time before the little acrobat in my stomach is out and eating food...but I have found something that I am dying to get!!

The Beaba Babycook just started being offered in the States by Williams-Sonoma. They have been using them in France for years (but don't hold that against the appliance).

You pick the fruit, veggie, or meat...then peel and dice it...and this amazing little thing does the rest. It steams and purees. You can know exactly what your little one is eating (no preservatives or sugar in this mushed up banana!).

Two other amazing things: 1) An apple costs a WHOLE lot less than even one jar of babyfood...and one apple would make about 4 servings in the Babycook. 2) It is green!!

We are having a major snow day here today...so Graham and I are staying warm and hanging out inside. I am sparing you the pictures and details...I know you're all like "We get it. It snows there. Geeze!!".


Evening Snacks

Graham and I were having a very serious conversation last night about some things that are going on in our family when he suddenly burst into laughter shouting
Now...not only is this something that one never wants said while someone is pointing at them...but also: it was downright confusing. Someone tell me what is so hysterical about my chocolate yogurt.

Also, please disregard the bulbous belly hanging over my sweatpants...that is not the frozen yogurt's fault...coincidentally, that is my HUSBAND'S fault.


Is there a 12 step program for this?

I have a problem, and I am ready to come clean. I am addicted to being pregnant. The "baby crazies", as my Parenting magazines have called them, generally hit a woman when her child is finally sleeping through the night. If this is true, then why am I having the baby crazies in my 6th month of pregnancy?

Here is what I think: for as long as I can remember I have gone back and forth (almost weekly) about what I want to do with my life. There are so many things, literally hundreds of possible occupations, that I think would be fun or challenging or fulfilling in some way. A lot of people that I know do not feel this way. They have one passion. One amazing ambition for the lives. I have always been jealous of these people.

I am now one of them.

It does not matter whether I end up finishing my PhD or become the CEO of a huge company, none of it will ever amount to anything when compared to what I am getting to do right now: I am creating a life. That is pretty freaking cool, you guys!

Now don't get me wrong...there are still other things that I want to accomplish in my lifetime besides poppin' out more of these little slimy guys...its just that I feel like I have already accomplished the very coolest thing that I will ever get to do. It is a great feeling. I mean it is a really, really great feeling.

And to think that the college me did not even want to have kids.


Your Mom is a Poladroid

Actually...this post should be called something less offensive...but I couldn't resist. I have come across an application that turns regular old pictures into something far more exciting: Polaroids.

Finding this almost makes up for some of the tears that I cried when I learned that Polaroid was getting the ax. For those of you who are as incredibly excited about this as I am, you can download the Poladroid app here! Knock yourself out, kids. You can thank me later. Possibly by sending me the book in my previous post.


Happy National Hugging Day!

That's right...today is yet another celebration in gloriously obscure holidays. January 21st is National Hugging Day (it is also National Squirrel Appreciation Day, but I much prefer the former of the two). And in case anyone is just dying to get me a "Happy Hugging Day Gift"...which I know is the very reason that most of you are even checking this blog...then have I got an idea for you.

I have just found a new favorite blog, kept by a crazy quirky woman who lives in Salt Lake City, UT with her husband, two dogs, daughter, and baby on the way. She chronicles her intense struggle with postpartum depression (and motherhood in general) in this book. It doesn't come out until mid March, but I am already counting down the days. It promises to be fantastically off-color...and if it is anything like her blog I am sure it will drive me into fits of laughter.


So I Married a 5th Grader

Happy MLK Day everyone. As I write this, my husband is shoveling our mailbox out of the snow so that the mailman can make his deliveries tomorrow. Well, I say that. He may be playing, because this is what he was doing 15 minutes ago when I went out there:

He was buried thigh-high in snow exclaiming that we now have enough snow to make tunnels out of….No. Thank. You. Snow is fun to look at but also very cold, and digging through it does not sound the least bit appealing to me, but I sure am glad that our daughter will have someone to play in it with ☺

I am sure all of my readers are getting sick of the snow related posts…but it snows SO much here (I know, I know…we live in Connecticut).

On another note, our precious niece Belle had her first birthday on Thursday (we are kindred spirits, and we share a birthday). The party, however, was yesterday. The pictures are absolutely adorable and the cupcakes looked delicious. I am sure you will be able to find pictures soon on Rachel's blog. Happy Belated Birthday, sweet Belle!!


New Layout!!!

Just picture the title of this post said, by me, in a happy singing voice...because that is how it happened when the very talented Kelly e-mailed my new header to me. She said it was "just something fun" to do over the three-day-weekend, but I am pretty sure it would have taken me forever (if I could have even figured out where to begin). Anyways...I am over the moon. Thank you Kelly!!!

Snowy Sunday

Well, we were determined to get up and go to church this morning...but when my alarm went off and I looked out the window this is what I saw.
What was forecasted to be around 2 inches has turned into about 6...and it is only 8:30 am! You cannot see it as well in the picture, but the flakes are HUGE. This is the fourth big snow that we have gotten this winter. It is so beautiful, but we are starting to run out of things to do while at home. Today we will probably get to working on finishing the basement. The sooner that is done the sooner we can get started on Evie's room...which I am sooo excited about.

Her name means "beautiful bird", so without going too theme crazy (because I am not one for themes) we are going to give her room an aviary feel. We love this room from Pottery Barn Kids, and have decided on that beautiful sleigh crib in white...but I think the walls will have to be green or yellow (above the white beadboarding or wainscotting)...this picture has a little too much pink for me.In other Scobey news, Thursday was my birthday! Graham took me to a really wonderful resturant in Hartford called Max Downtown...we had the most delicious dinner. Here is me, at 21 weeks, before heading out for a night on the town.Me getting my birthday kisses!!


Winter Olympics 2009

There are about 6 inches of snow on the ground this week...and that is a welcome change to what we came home to: ice. You could slip and slide all over our yard. Here is a clip of our resident ice skater doing some of his world class tricks. If I were judging this, he would get a 10!

On a more serious note, yesterday was one of the best days of my life. We had an ultrasound (which we were not even expecting) and found out that on June 2nd we are due to have a little baby GIRL! I had been wanting a boy and I was sure that it was one...but when I heard the nurse say that it was a girl I was just so excited, I have barely been able to wipe the smile off of my face. Her name is Evelyn Grey...but we will call her Evie. Here is a picture from Evie's most recent photo shoot. It is her facial profile...we already think she is pretty much the most gorgeous thing in the world.


...and a happy new year

Time has flown by much too quickly and the holiday break is over. Graham and I are back in Connecticut, iced and snowed into our cozy home. It is good to be home, though. Anyways, Happy New Year to everyone! I have made some resolutions (of course).

1. To spend more time in devotional with my husband

2. To stick with my gym regimen of 3 times a week throughout the duration of my pregnancy (as long as it is healthy and OK'd by the doctor)

3. To be an overall more positive person and focus more on the blessings in my life and the many things I have than on the things I do not have

Here are some pictures from our Christmas in Georgia. It was wonderful to get to see everyone...there are so many new babies and I loved them all!! (Mallory and I had a special bond...and I wanted to bring her home...but her mom would not let me.)
Our family gift to the Chamblee clan was babysitting for a day so that all of the adults could go see a movie and get some lunch. It was a lot of fun...we got some really cute pictures, too!
I am in my 5th month now and officially out of my normal clothes. The little person is doing all sorts of twirls and somersaults that I can feel pretty well now.Our next Doctor's appointment is January 12th...so I will keep everyone updated!