Some Hump-Day Sunshine

I DEFY you to listen to this song without smiling.


Lighting and Other Six-Headed Monsters

Last week I spent Tuesday (the day before I came down with the impukingsomuchiwannadie illness) at City Hall in Hartford. I had not been hauled in by the law-man. I was learning about lighting. And, y'all, lighting scares the pants off of me.

It's one of those things that I would rather not bother with. If I just ignore it... it will gooooo away. I will only take pictures in the day time. No problem. Except that sometimes (and this is just between you and me) people get married at night. I know. Who are these crazies?!

So Carla took some of us Ten Eyckies (this is what I have dubbed her workshop
pupils/groupies) and put us through the lighing wringer. I mean, she was really nice at first. But then there was yelling. And TIME TRIALS. The brutality.

But it was amazing. And I learned so much. I think I may be brave enough to take a shot or two at night. Or at least heavy dusk.

Here are some of my favorite images from the day.

Krystal and Paul from StudioFoto were our models for the day and, well, let's just say they were oooozing the sex. It would have been really uncomfortable if I weren't TOTALLY INTO IT!

And my absolute favorite.
Check out Bruce, Anna, Sandra, Jesse and Greg's images on their blogs.

Thanks Carla, for helping us defeat the six-headed monster!


The Dry Heave is Not a New Dance Move

You know those questions that you don't ask because you don't want to know the answer?
I had one of those on Wednesday.

I was so desperate, in fact, not to know the answer that I carried the question around with me from 6:30am until 3:30pm.

It was the first day of school, and whereas I'm usually all "woohoo! yippie!", I was more like "I WISH FOR DEATH. AND SLEDGEHAMMERS."

I did not want the answer mostly because I knew what the answer would be.

Q: Why does my head feel like a rhino it sitting on top of it?
Q: Why am I expelling big, bloody, phlegm people from my mouth?
Q: Why am I lurching into the toilet between classes?

A: Because, my friend, you, after 19 consecutive happy-go-lucky first days of school filled with rainbows and butterflies and pink pony pee, have the flu.

**yes, Evie is vaccinated; no, obviously I was not. let the finger-pointing and name calling ensue**

So I am drinking Nyquil in such copious amounts that its legality is questionable. But it makes me feel so good...and it turns my dizzies from the imma-gonna-vomit-on-your-face kind to the feels-like-im-jumping-on-the-bed-but-im-not kind. And that is always a good thing. Real good.


From a True Fashion Authority

I have never done a fashion post before. And with good reason; I have zero credibility.
I mean, I used to. I worked in fashion when we lived in LA, and I was a glorious size two. Now, however, I'm a size two + two and I live my entire life in sweats and t-shirts (and the occasional baseball cap depending on how long it's been since I showered).

Anyways. My vote for best dressed of the evening is, hands down, Toni Collette. If I were famous (which I have once-in-a-while dreamed of being) and able to attend the golden globes I would wear something just like that because, in my estimation, if it isn't fairy-tale-frilly or dazzle-me-shiny then you have just wasted a perfectly good once in a lifetime opportunity.

The lady holding her umbrella is looking pretty snazzy, too. Oh to be so rich that the person keeping RAIN OFF OF YOU has a Chanel purse...


A Case of the Funnies

On Tuesday Graham and I drove to Boston to see Eddie Izzard (because, when you have a baby, you only get one night out every solar eclipse cycle and, when you get that night out, you will drive almost two hours to do what it is you want to do because IT IS THAT IMPORTANT!).

This guy is hilarious. Seriously hilarious. And totally irreverent. And smart; which just takes his irreverence to the next (informed and awesome) level. Oh, and he wears a dress (sometimes) and Graham and I are completely agreed on his immense attractiveness (allthetime).

If you ever have the chance to see him perform... and are not easily offended...I really recommend that you go.

He is officially on my list. Right along with Taye Diggs, Gerry Ghionis, Taye Diggs, Hugh Jackman, Taye Diggs, Matthew Morrison, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Taye Diggs. I guess I have a thing for men who can sing. Good thing I married one.

Don't worry. Graham has a list too; which, oddly enough, doesn't vary one iota from mine.

Just kidding. Brad Pitt is on his.


Zero to Sixty

Listen here, little lady: I am not even ready for you to be eating solids, let alone feeding yourself.

Put. Down. The. Spoon.

Holy moly this has flown by. Someone find the pause button please.

The one person who actually likes how quickly Evie is growing is Bear. She is a lot more fun and interesting to him now that she can crawl. Ev likes him a little bit, too.

(you may want to turn down your volume - he barks)

Some big news coming up on the blog in the next couple of weeks; just a few more details to work out before we can make the official announcement!


First Week Away

Our first day of 2010 began in tears. My tears. As I watched Graham pack the Jeep, knowing that we would be driving back to Connecticut without our little girl. We've been at a photography conference (which, by the by, rocked my face right off my head) so Evie is staying at Camp Deanie - my mom's house - for a few more days and then they're flying up on the 8th.

So there were tears; lots of tears. And just when I would think I had finally pulled it together I would look up; and there would be the cheeks. And the tears would recommence. Because, well, what if those cheeks change while I'm away?! What is those cheeks start crawling?!?

There were moments when I didn't know if I'd be able to bring myself to leave. But then I did. I got in the car. We drove away. And I waited. And waited. But more tears didn't come. Instead, my internal dialogue was something like:
"Yaaahhhhoooooooooooiiieeee, Yiiiipppppppiiieeeeee!"

I feel like I am in adult nirvana: on vacation with no child and no work. Granted, I cannot wait for her to come back so that I can squeeze that 67th percentile head of hers... but I am also enjoying these last few nights of quiet.

And if you think that my less-than-sad reaction makes me a bad mom; well, get ready for this: I fed Evie grilled cheese sandwiches all last week. And she LOVED them. HAH!

I mean, if it takes sandwiches to get this peanut the gain some weight well... then... it's sandwiches she'll get!