We have been slowly Ferberizing Evie over the past week. Or trying to, anyways. That said, I haven't actually studied his method, but rather have taken bits and pieces of what I know about Cry It Out and used it with the little one.
I know that this method isn't always looked kindly upon by Moms, but I had to. HAD TO.
Lately, I have been getting no sleep. Like, you know those National Geographic shows with the mangy, flea infested Lion who is knawing on the once-whole leg of a one-whole Zebra?
That Lion? That's Evie. And that dead Zebra with no hope for a future or happiness? That's my sleep.
See? HAD. TO.
We have run into a few glitches along the way. Like finding out that Evie is as addicted to her swaddle as some people are to Heroin. Yes, my daughter is a swaddle junkie. She is currently looking for a sponsor if anyone is interested. I can't do it because, frankly, after about 15 minutes of her screaming I am all "just do it. just USE already."

*As I am writing this Evie is log-rolling across the basement floor. Completely. Mobile. I am terrified.*


Chai Am Woman said...

I'll be honest that I am not (scratch that... WAS not) a huge fan of CIO... BUT... we tried bits and pieces of it with G as well for naptime. Bedtime? Not a problem. But he fights those naps tooth and nail. Though not as much now since we have started to let him CIO a little here and there...

Don't give up on the swaddling thing yet... I thought G would never get out of it but he did and honestly?... he actually ended up sleeping better without it. Babies are tricksters, imagine that! I think they do it on purpose. ;)

Deanie said...

Give me that baby!!!! I just want to be her personal swaddle, if you don't mind ... she can become addicted to ME!!!! Oh, that picture just makes me ache all that much more for my beautiful Evie Doll!!!!