A GIANT Christmas post

Christmas 2008

We have had such a great week. Last Saturday was our annual neighborhood Christmas party. We have been so blessed by all of the wonderful people we have met here...we could not have moved into a neighborhood filled with more fun people!
That's my husband...he cuts rugs...Graham's parents came up on Sunday and we have just been spending time with them.
On Wednesday we went into the city (which takes about 2 hours by train) and saw Jersey Boys. It was a really great play!
It was not terribly cold, either...which was nice.
I couldn't believe how easy it was for us to go and spend a day in New York. Now that we know, we will be going there much more often!!
Today the snow came. Debbie and I headed out to run errands this morning...and we were on a strict deadline due to the impending storm. Well, 11:00 came and then 12:00 came and we were getting very skeptical that this "storm" was going to happen at all. We all sat down to lunch around 1 and watched out our breakfast room window as flurries turned into bigger snowflakes and buckets just began to fall from the sky. Bear got to have his first snow experience...he almost blends right in!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope it is blessed and joyful!


CourodeJacare said...

Saude para voces , familia muito bonita ...

Jack " The Saluter" Aré


Nadine said...

Oh, the pictures of you all in New York reminded me of when we lived in New Jersey ... it was a really easy trip for Ridgewood ... 20 minutes ... what a great time of year to be there!