...and a happy new year

Time has flown by much too quickly and the holiday break is over. Graham and I are back in Connecticut, iced and snowed into our cozy home. It is good to be home, though. Anyways, Happy New Year to everyone! I have made some resolutions (of course).

1. To spend more time in devotional with my husband

2. To stick with my gym regimen of 3 times a week throughout the duration of my pregnancy (as long as it is healthy and OK'd by the doctor)

3. To be an overall more positive person and focus more on the blessings in my life and the many things I have than on the things I do not have

Here are some pictures from our Christmas in Georgia. It was wonderful to get to see everyone...there are so many new babies and I loved them all!! (Mallory and I had a special bond...and I wanted to bring her home...but her mom would not let me.)
Our family gift to the Chamblee clan was babysitting for a day so that all of the adults could go see a movie and get some lunch. It was a lot of fun...we got some really cute pictures, too!
I am in my 5th month now and officially out of my normal clothes. The little person is doing all sorts of twirls and somersaults that I can feel pretty well now.Our next Doctor's appointment is January 12th...so I will keep everyone updated!


AGH said...

isn't it such a weird feeling at first? you look great and i hope you're feeling good! you're halfway there :)

Liz T.D. said...

yay! You look adorable! I'm so glad you liked the documentary. Now that Gabe and I are home (!) let's get together again.