Holiday Thrift List 2009

This afternoon... for an embarrassing number of minutes... Graham and I played Dirty Mad Libs. What's Dirty Man Libs? You ask? Well... it's this, only dirty.

I want to tell you in explicit detail what our Dirty Mad Libs said. I really really do. Because, as Graham says, I have no filter. And he's right. I don't. So I really really want to tell you what they said. But I can't. I have been strictly forbidden by the SCC (that's Scobey Communications Commission) to just....please....don't.

So, instead, here is my first annual Holiday Thrift List. All gifts featured here are under $28... and they are pretty much guaranteed to make someone in your life very happy (but my Dirty Mad Libs would have made everyone happy. just sayin'.)

This beautiful Cuckoo clock is by Decoylab... and I just dream of all the walls in my house that could be hipenized (ya know. made more hip.) by it. $28

These wooden teethers are all the rage in eco-friendly baby stuff. Problem: they're freakin' ugly. Solution: Mr. T-Rex here. $15

Every little girl needs this book. Except Evie... because her Dad forbids it. And he is heartless. And he doesn't want her growing up dreaming of living in the Plaza Hotel. But, as anyone who has read this book knows, that is so not the point. $14

LePapier Studio makes these beautiful, custom sibling prints. I love them. But not enough to make Evie a sibling. $20

One of my friends from Atlanta takes ordinary old buttons and turns them into these beautiful, stylish rings. I want one. They're so FANCY! $10-15

Hark Industries does some of the most beautiful hand-lettering I have ever seen. In. My. Life. These monthly calendars are among the things for sell in her Etsy store. And did I mention that every detail is done by hand!? Amazing. $16

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Aubrey and Lauren Hatch said...

aww ashley thanks for mentioning our rings!!!! we'll have to name one after you :)

<3 Lauren