Six Months (and one week)

With grading and finals and travel and family I have been a slogger lately (that's a slacker blogger... obviously). Sorry about that...

In other news: Evie is the most oddly proportioned child on the planet. Her six month checkup was last Tuesday and here are her stats:

Weight: 13.5 pounds, 6th percentile
Height: 24 inches, 50th percentile
Head Circumference: 67th percentile

The pediatrician was a little bit concerned because her weight percentile had dropped from the 13th to the 6th percentile... but I promised that we feed the child as much as we can. She is just such a busy baby. All she wants is the be a part of the action, and it seems like she thinks that eating gets in the way of that... so unless you are in a quiet room with nobody else within earshot, Evie gets distracted.

Her personality keeps coming out more and more... and we are going to have our hands FULL. She is such a ham and really outgoing. It is so much fun to watch her interacting with other people.

Here is Evie before bath-time last week (Graham normally doesn't let me post naked-babu pictures... but this one got the OK because it doesn't show her hoohoo).

More to come on our SIXTEEN HOUR DRIVE to Atlanta this past weekend... after which I am just thankful to still be breathing.


Just the two of us! said...

I am with you on the proportion thing! lol Sydney's hight and weight are usually around 50% but her Head Circumference is ALWAYS 100% ++ hahaha her head is so big!! Hope your holidays are going well! Evie gets more adorable everyday! :D

Chai Am Woman said...

I can't believe she is still so teeny TINY! At least you can more easily *pretend* that she is still a wee little newborn. :)

Glad you guys are getting a break to spend with your family!

Troy and Amanda said...

Ashley this picture/baby is absolutely ADORABLE! Who cares about the proportions...she is adorable and as long as she is healthy it doesn't matter!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley! It's Terri Schmitt, Bri Emery's Mom. She always shows me pics of Evie and she is so cute I even posted her pic once on my Facebook page! haha If it makes you feel better, Lacey's head was always actually OFF the charts as a baby! hehe Anyway, I'm loving hearing about your new life as a Mommy, and someday when I am a Grandma, the economy will rally and you will hear me shouting across the land. I am a baby FREAK! : ) Kiss Kiss! Love, Miss Terri