If you haven't seen Legally Blonde than you barely deserve to LIVE... much less understand the title of this post.
I am sitting on the vacuumed floor of my empty house that will be completely vacant tomorrow. Because I am leaving. For good. And this makes me a little bit sad so right now I am going to talk about something that makes me happy. Affirmation.
I am such a sucker for positive affirmation. In fact, one time when we were at will call for a UCONN game the ticket woman told me I was a "smart cookie" for keeping the confirmation # for our tickets (they were having trouble finding them in the system) and I was all: "REALLY?!? Do you want me to marry your son?? Here! HAVE MY UNBORN CHILD!". There might be some deep-seated issues here that need to be gone over in therapy. I'm not sure.
Issues or no issues, this month I received a couple of really awesome blogging-attaboys that made me feel all warm inside (and outside... cause I peed myself).
First Meghan of Tucker Take Tennessee gave me my very first blogging award. She has an awesome blog full of great crafts and recipes and all things super-momish. The award looks like this:
I am a ray of sunshine, aren't I? ARENT I!?!?!
Secondly, I got to be a guest blogger on Modern Mom in a featured article on Mommy Bloggers. I really enjoyed writing for them and hopefully will continue to do so in the future.
So there you have it *pats own back*. But seriously, is there anything better than being told you are doing a good job at something you love? Gold Star!

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this is awesome, ashley! lots of supermom affirmation coming your way.