Dough! Nuts!

Attention: I Hate Donuts.
Ok. You still there? Just give me a chance to defend myself.
Donuts are like the imposter dessert. The Milli Vanilli of sweet things. If I wanted to eat bread, I'd eat bread. When I want something sweet, though, I expect something that resulted from the mass murder of many cocoa beans. It's only fair.
That said: OhMiGawd! Someone take me here right now. Actually: yesterday. Take me here YESTERDAY!
I want this one
And this one
And this one
And then I'd like to bath in this one, please. Thanks.

This is SUCH a crucial priority for me when we move. Who wants to join?


Sara said...

I have had them!!!!! They are DELICIOUS!!!!!! The dulce de leche is my FAVORITE!! Thw owner's story is sooo cool too... he gave up everything to make donuts.. and in the beginning he was literally living donut to donut that people purchased!! DEfinately go support him!! I can't wait til you are officially back...(if not already) and we can get together!!

TracyL26 said...

Where is such a place???? I will follow you!

Alli said...

Give me directions now.....PLEASE!!!!!!

Ali said...

I wanted to go there when we were in town, but it was way too hectic to get down there. Maybe we should get together to look at pictures and eat donuts this summer.

Cherisse @ [Framing Spaces] said...

They look soo yummy! I checked the website to see if they have it in CA.I wish they have it here in San Francisco!