Laundry Joy

I am in home decorating overdrive. I am eating, sleeping, breathing Craig's List right now... and I cannot wait to finally get to Atlanta so that I can put my reupholstering skills to the test. By the way, if anyone has any tips on reupholstering I would really appreciate them... because there is actually a pretty decent chance that I am going to end up with a bunch of naked furniture... it's the putting-it-back-on part that sorta intimidates me.
And this? How fantastic is this? This is going to be going in my laundry room. I really like birds. And french fries.


Mom said...

Love the "laundry joy" picture ... reminds me of something my sister did for me many years ago ... "loads of love" .... may your picture always remind you to not only to be happy, but to spread that happiness around! Love you and can't wait to help you with the "putting things back together" part!!!

Toria said...

well who doesn't love french fries? [but that is so cute]