Our New Home

Well...we are in Connecticut and, after a little over one week of moving, cleaning, arranging, painting, and more cleaning, we are about settled in. I am so thankful to everyone who has helped us with this move...my mom and little brother came out to help with the hard work of moving the furniture from Atlanta to Connecticut, Graham's parents helped us move and have been here for about a week helping us with the finishing touches, and Grandma is making us all sorts of goodies!

Here are some after pictures...there is still a good bit of painting to be done, though. More pictures to come later.
Our kitchen...this is one of my favorite parts of the house...I actually have extra cabinet and counter space.
The kitchen again
The TV room
The TV room again, the frames with the plates in them were my favorite projects
Foyer...this piece of furniture used to be brown
Upstairs hall after...we need to get some of Graham's photos framed for the wall

The neighborhood is so nice and the people are extremely friendly. Last week we went out to pick blackberries and then made cobbler...it's like living in Mayberry. Needless to say it is a lot different than California. We are really excited and feel very blessed.

It has been a busy week elsewhere in our family, too...as Graham and I have two new baby cousins. Jake and Mallory were born yesterday - Congrats to J. and Allison!! We are so excited for y'all and will be praying for your new family...whoa, long post...sorry...but it has been a while and MUCH has happened.


Nadine said...
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Nadine said...

Wow ... the house looks amazing! It's so nice having your own personal touches to the place, huh?!?!!

Hope you are all doing well ... give Bear a kiss from me! Love, love, love,


Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love your new home. I know you and Graham are having a ball in "Mayberry". We miss you and wish you all the best in your new life up where seasons still exist. We love you! Schorr, Russell, and William

Alli said...

I love the house - everything looks so great! Living in a Mayberry-type town sounds so fun. Hope you're enjoying everything!