Our Newest Addition

Life is extremely busy right now and that gives way to a lot of good posting material...so I will be writing a lot this week.

One of my favorite things about Connecticut thus far is the prevalence of locally grown food. It doesn't seem quite fair that we are able to help the environment just by eating delicious, fresh food! Graham and I went to the Coventry Farmer's Market after church this morning and it was fantastic.

We came home with this eggplant, which is comparable in size
to my niece, Belle. We are having eggplant Parmesan tonight and eggplant/tomato sandwiches on Tuesday....four meals and that honker only cost us $2.

The farmer's market is so close to us, and it is one of the largest in New England. They have fresh breads (yum yum yum yum yum), every fruit and veggie you can imagine, meats, seafood, milk, soap, condiments (we picked up some sweet and spicy mustard, jalepeno mustard, and dill pickles), doggie treats, and much more.

But really...have you ever seen an eggplant this big?


Uncle Mitch said...


I know you always were attracted to eggplant babies. She's a beauty.

Your Aunt Rhonda and I are very proud of you and Graham. You guys are doing great. Way to go on the move and new home.

Hope we can come visit one day -your aunt Rhonda always wanted to go to New England. If you every need to get away to Colorado for some serious sking, you have a place to stay. Who knows, I may go with you. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers.
Uncle Mitch

Alli said...

Wow! Can I come over for dinner? I love eggplant, but J won't touch it. Glad you guys are having fun!

Mom (Nadine) said...

Even eggplants can't make headlines forever .... please post something new to the blog ... for eggplants sake!

P.S. Have you read "The Shack" yet???? It's a must!

Love, MOM