This week Graham and I have been taking part in some major projection...the act of doing projects, that is. We have resolved never to paint another room again. I don't think we are particularly talented at it; as it took us four (yes, four) coats to get the wall to stop looking streaky. Our dining room is now exactly how we want it; which feels so good. It went from red-horrible-floral-wallpaper-border to red-on-our-terms. Here are some pictures of the process.
Before...ugly wallpaper
I was in charge of peeling off all of the old border
and Graham was in charge of sanding
The end! TA-DA!

Then we got these candle holders at Target to put on the blank wall...we like the candles the best...does anyone want to stick up for the flowers?

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Nadine Johnson said...

The dinning room look awesome! You two did a really great job! I like the flowers, but maybe you should try something the size of a gerber daisy instead of the dandelions???? Did you really use dandelions or was that my eyes playing tricks on me???