Ten Things Tuesday

Here are ten things that I am very thankful for this week:

1. My flash-drive: I can tote countless pages of research, journal articles, and the like without having to worry about my back going out. It's genius.

2. Databases: Thank goodness that the days of the card catalogues are gone. Now we have instant access to thousands of articles with just the click of a mouse.

3. Purse Sized Umbrellas: With all of the rain here in Connecticut a small umbrella is a necessity...I don't think I ever used one in California...but I digress

4. Sweatpants: Again, with all of the rain in Connecticut I find myself spending an inordinate amount of time in my sweatpants...and it is wonderful

5. Bookshelves: We got this really awesome bookshelf at Target's back-to-school sale for only $15...and now I have a place for all of my school stuff

6. Gardening Gloves: Since the move we increased our yard size by about 3000%; going from 0 land to about an acre. It is so nice to have space for Bear to run around in, but a lot of yard comes with a lot of weeds...I have cute green gardening gloves to take the edge off of yard work.

7. My Sewing Machine: Since it is my new favorite way to de-stress my sewing machine has seen a LOT of use since it was given to me. I have made purses, aprons, and I am trying (fingers crossed) to figure out how to make slippers

8. Flowerdy Briefcases: My mom got me this briefcase before school started and I have used it almost every day. It is so functional and has a little pocket for everything you could think of - the fact that it is really cute is just the cherry on top.

9. Trashy Celebrity Gossip Websites: Admittedly, this is my guilty pleasure...but a girl cannot spend all her time studying...everyone needs a little diversion sometimes

10. Lysol Wipes: Everyone, I repeat, everyone should have one of these their bathrooms and kitchen. I use these everyday after dinner to clean up my kitchen. It is so easy, and it smells great!

What is it that makes your life a little easier?


amanda g. said...

flash drives and lysol wipes = my nonliving heroes. still looking for the perfectly functional tote/briefcase. but i must say that this week/month especially i am thankful for lesson planners and personal planners... i just cannot live without them.

Nadine said...

You being You makes my life soooo much easier .... and happier!

I love you sooooo much!