To Every Season, Turn Turn Turn

Fall was officially upon us last week...but the leaves seemed to change overnight last night. It is just beautiful driving around and seeing all of these fiery reds and glowing oranges. I have really missed this beautiful season these past few years.
This is my favorite thing about Fall...what is your?


Nadine said...

To me, Fall has always seemed to remind me of God's plan of renewal. One might think that a bit bizzare, since with Fall begins the end of leaves, flowers, sunning, etc., but without this temporary loss, all would not be "renewed" in the Spring.

Maybe applying this message will help during this difficult economic time. Many people are consumed right now with what is going on in the stock market; in Atlanta, driver's are in a panic over their next tank of gas. Hopefully most of us have the knowledge and comfort that God is always in control and the process of renewal is by His masterful design. When we place Him at the center of our daily thoughts, then the chaos that seems to prevail around us will not actually impact us at all, but we will be reminded that we are in a season of renewal!

Alli said...

There's lots to love, but I'll pick Halloween as my favorite. What's not to love about a holiday where you can be a kid again & eat lots of candy? This year will be especially fun since I get to dress Jake & Mallory up for the occasion!