Things That Go Bump

It doesn't take much to scare me. Scratch that; it takes absolutely nothing to scare me. Chances are, you could be telling me a funny story and I would start shaking uncontrollably in my Michael Kors boots just because it's dark out.

And my mind wanders.

Sometimes I wonder what it says about me that my mind can go to such dark places. But it does. So who am I to dwell?

And you may think it could be explained away. Like: girl watches too many scary movies. Except that I don't. Not even scary commercials. When those come on I cover my ears, close my eyes, and LALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALAAAAAA until Graham smacks me; signifying the commercials' end. So no, there is no explanation except that I am a weenie. A big oscar-meyer-scardy-mcweiner-face.

So imagine my sheer horror when, the first time I made my way up to my advisor's lab, I was faced with THIS:

An elevator so scary... soooo old... so absolutely terrifying that every time I am in it my internal dialogue goes something like this:

Dear God, Please don't let a face pop up in that window. Please, please, please don't be a face. Pleasedontbeaface! Pleasedontbeaface! Pleasedontbeaface! PLEASE DON'T BE A FACE!!!

If I fail out of grad school I am blaming it, solely and completely, on that elevator. And then I'll go to the Dean and complain because HOW CAN THEY EXPECT PEOPLE TO FEEL SAFE IN A SCHOOL WITH ELEVATORS LIKE THAT?!?


Cari and Logan said...

I COMPLETELY get it. I am the same way. Logan laughs at me all the time...
what freaks me out a ton is E.T....so creepy.

Tracy Ryan said...

So with you! I had to be careful watching "Hocus Pocus" last night (if you remember this halloween movie from years ago).

Just the two of us! said...

Nice! I too think that way, Toria and I share a fear of bathrooms at night!!! AH! I literally CANNOT go to the bathroom in the dark I have to turn on all the lights and squint because it is so bring to my sleepy eyes! lol I think I would rather hike up 7 million flights of stairs instead of getting on that elevator!

Just the two of us! said...

lol I meant to say that the light is SO bright* not bring lol...drr

Toria said...

omg ashley that elevator is terrifying! I have the same dialogue with myself all the time, ha.

Chai Am Woman said...

definitely relate to you on this one. my mind pretty much always goes to the darkest place possible. and i have no choice but to agree -- that elevator ain' playin'!!!! ha. i would be taking the stairs, no matter the number of flights, FOR SURE.