On Using the F-Word

Things have been busy around here. And I dont like busy. I like lazy. If my entire life consisted of getting out of bed solely to shower and use the toilet I would be quite pleased. But things have been busy around here...and I can honestly say it has been the most blissful kind of busy.

It's a dizzying dance of kisses, cuddles, and coos...and suddenly I am in love with busy.

But with work and school and graham and studying and evie and my hoppin' social life, pumping 5 times a day has really begun to cramp my style.

Solution: Formula. Cover your ears, sensitive readers, because I'm gonna say it again.


Before you go dropping an anonymous tip to www.reportaterrorist.com let me tell you - I am still pumping twice a day. Evie's diet is still about 80/20 breast milk to formula...so just go ahead and unwad those panties. I'll give you a moment.

So we are not the worst parents in the world. Maybe somewhere down there with Courtney Love, but still not quite as bad as John Phillips or Charles Manson. She is still getting breast milk... so we are not the worst.

But it does mean that we are officially slaves to the soul-sucking-price-gouging-Similac-Empire. Oh, hello there, poverty line, how did you get above me?
It also means that Evie's little baby poops are going to start smelling. This is according to the "experts" (read: people who spend their time giving moms all around the globe unnessecary anxiety and guilt. Those who preach and don't do. The crappiest people ever.) But that's a risk I'm willing to take. Plus, her poops smell pretty bad already. Like father like daughter.

Seriously: like father, exactly-identically-completely-totally-utterly like daughter. IN EVERY WAY. I don't even think she is mine. I know that I have not always had the most positive things to say about parenting...but everyone should go out right now and make babies. Because you will never know a love like it. It's totally worth it. Totally. Sore boobs, saggy belly and all.


Tracy Ryan said...

I was just thinking of messaging you this morning and asking how the breast-feeding was going with all you've had to endure. You are my hero for sticking with it through the never-ending mastitis (that alone would have made me quit) and the fact that you are pumping while working is even more heroic. NO ONE could ask any more of you (and the most of moms do much less ;)

Chai Am Woman said...

formula is a god-send and a spawn at the same time. great for us working moms but horribly expensive and time-consuming.

though, i'm just glad i/we had the option at all with an anti-pump work schedule (and by work i mean that for 8-10 hours a day i remind myself that "i AM a real person, i AM a real person, i AM a real person").

i would seriously look into the cloning thing because evie is a scarily miniature version of graham. but i do think she has your nose, maybe. yes? no?

Blogging by Tina said...

Sorry, I have already made one baby. For me to make another will require another Immaculate Conception. :-D