Mission: Sanitization

I have a problem that I feel ready to admit to. Ready; and willing to seek out the appropriate avenues of help if necessary.

I probably go through an entire family-sized container of these babies a week... Seriously. The way I scrub my kitchen on a nightly basis you would think that I was taking precautions against an army of Turd People whose only mode of transportation was to roll around on my counter-tops. And you know what? I'm not sorry. Granted, I may be singing a different tune on the day that I wake up to the first four layers of my epidermis PEELING off... but for now you'll get no apologies from me.

Donations to the ScobeyLysolWipe Fund can be made directly to me. Do your part, people. Do. Your. Part.


Feel the Sparks said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one! Billy makes me feel horrible for "wasting" them in a week, but I can't help it!

Kim Rowell said...

OK, I admit I'm a mother of someone your age, Ashley, and I'm trying to figure out why someone who has blogged more than once about her (lack of) personal hygiene is so concerned about her kitchen counters...maybe a topic for a future post?

Robin Dini Photography said...

Lol!!! I'm guilty too. There should be a weekly meeting for us addicts. My thing is the counter tops, bathroom sink and toilet. Yuck!