Eight MONTHS...one week and one day

Evie turned eight months old on last Tuesday. This has been a HUGE month for her. We lowered her mattress. The same mattress that we unwrapped and put in her brand new cribjust nine short months ago. The same mattress that we thought we would never have to lower because our baby; our little, tiny, yet-to-be-born baby, would never be that big. And now every morning when I go in at 7:00 to get her out of bed she is standing up and smiling like: "Look how big I am with my super-low lowered mattress". And the milestones! She has been blowing through those suckers. There are now giant craters in the Earth where Evie's milestones used to be. Feeding herself? Check. Crawling like a maniac? Check. Cruising around on our furniture? Check. Yelling at Bear when she wants him to play? Check check.
She is becoming quite a tough little cookie.
Also: she learned how to say "Da-da", and in a desperate attempt to teach her to say "Ma-ma" I try and work that word into my vocabulary as often as I can. I literally walk around all day going "Can you say "Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma"?". But then that little Who-ha of a daughter of mine looks me DEAD IN THE EYES and says "Da-da". Sometimes I overreact and threaten her life, but apparently the words "I WILL END YOU" are hilarious in baby speak. She has said one other thing... yesterday she looked at me and said something that sounded distinctly like "egg head". So basically she loves me a whole lot. Obviously.

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