High Fructose Heaven

I know that I said I was going to blog about Evie turning 8 months old... and I will... but something so much more important than that happened today.
Ladies and gentlemen (I am saying that to be politically correct but, seriously, if any men read my blog I really want to know who you are. Show yourselves!!) allow me to introduce you to:
Basically, if I only had one day left to live I would take a giant, human sized cup, fill it with frozen yogurt and toppings, and swim in it for 24 hours (with my family of course... cause it's my last day to live and I like them almost as much as ice-cream).
David Beckham loved his, too. A couples of times he took his spoon and tried to steal bites of mine. So I stabbed him in the knee. No more soccer for him. Should'a thought twice before trying to touch my ice-cream.
Oh - and I have already had two conversations about poop in the past 24 hours; so it's pretty much shaping up to be the best vacation of my life.

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