This morning, this very glorious morning where the birds were singing and top-dogs of the angels decided to take a walk on planet Earth, I slept until 11:00 am. ELEVENOCLOCK! I am completely aware that there are people reading this and cursing my well-rested self. I would be too. Sometimes, when I read here here or here how people are having suuuuuuch amazing days and their children are soooooooo quiet and always sleep on planes I'm all: "mental note: set their car ablaze. roll it down a big hill." So I get it. Misery loves company. But this morning... I slept in until eleven. And I needed it.
The past 14 days have been full of a bunch of Crap-that-shouldn't-have-happened heaped on top of more Crap-we-wish-wouldn't-have-happened and baked at agony for 45 minutes or until unbearable. Our closing in CT got pushed (twice) and we have been traveling like crazy people and have no place to call home and I've been studying for comprehensives and then Evie got sick. Really sick. Running-a-fever-of-104-for-twelve-days sick. She has been having screaming bouts and has been in extreme pain for almost two weeks. And she hasn't been sleeping.
*this is what sick Evie looks like*
So Graham and I have been absolutely exhausted and begging the Universe to please just give us a break.
So we got a little break (thank you Universe)... in the way of blue skys and a healthy baby.
And it's all going to be ok. I know this because, really, my problems are small. I have a beautiful baby and an amazing husband; it's just that, sometimes, even small problems seem overwhelming. It feels good to be working towards something incredible, though. Working towards no more school, owning a small business, working (at a job we LOVE) from home, and living near our families. It feels really, really good. Great, even. And I'll be back to my regular-blogging-self as soon as the semester is over... but until then I hope that you will bare with my sporadic posting (I bet you will because... well... you're all so darn nice).
*she's back to her old self*

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chai am woman said...

so glad evie is on the mend! i felt a little pang just looking at her in that photo! but then a happy pang at the last photo :)

keep moving because you guys will be relaxed and settled again soon!