Back to Basics

So here is something that I am super excited about: we are back on the breastfeeding train! During my first bout with mastitis I was in so much pain and completely frustrating with breastfeeding that I gave it up in favor of pumping and feeding Evie my milk in bottle form. Before giving birth, breastfeeding was something that was incredibly important to me...but I was completely unprepared for the world of hurt that it turned out to be.

Fast forward three weeks: my mastitis is gone and I had been thinking about giving breastfeeding a second try...but I was feeling a little apprehensive. I was scared that one bad latch and I would be back at square one, and I was also scared that Evie just wouldn't be willing to go back after being on the bottle for so long. Long story short, she was willing to go back...after a couple of days working at it, we are back to breastfeeding. We are still giving her a bottle a couple of times a day (how else would my wonderful husband be able to take the night feeding!?)

I am one very happy mama...and Evie is pretty pleased, too!


agh said...

Ohmygosh the PAIN during those first couple of weeks (and I didn't even deal with mastitis so that's a whole 'nother area I know nothing about)... all I heard before birth was "breastfeeding should NEVER be painful." Um riiiiight.

Glad you guys are getting back to basics, it is SO much easier :)

Deanie said...

That is the prettiest smile I have ever seen! Evie is getting so playful these days! I can't wait to see her in August!!!! Can you guys all come early?!??!??!?!?!?!?!?

Tracy said...

I'm so glad you tried again and it worked!!! Nursing Caleb has been one of the greatest bonding experiences and it's just neat that your body can do such an amazing thing. I've heard it can be a very hard transition going from bottle to breast so congratulations to both of you!!!