It's Baaaaaccckk...

First of all, I would like to point out that it is July...not April...so no-one can accuse me of pulling an April Fools joke. I wish that I was joking. I do.

I have been having achy flu-like pains for about 5 days now...and I thought that maybe I was coming down with some kind of cold/sinus/junk. When I woke up Saturday morning with a 103.8 fever and a large, painful mass in my right breast I knew that it wasn't the cold/sinus/junk...it was the devil. The devil has taken up residence in my right boob and he is never going to leave. never.

I called my doctor to tell her that my mastitis was back, and right after I convinced her that I was not kidding she says to me words that you never, ever want a doctor to say to you: "No-one in our practice has ever seen a case of mastitis as virulent as yours. We are seriously considering writing a paper about you for a medical journal". Great. Awesome. Can we get to the part where you prescribe me some medicine so that my publication-worthy-ailment GOES AWAY?!

"Oh. About that. If it is the same strain of infection that you had last time (which it probably is) than there is a good chance that it will not respond to antibiotics." I am crying at this point. Sobbing, really. Feeling as sorry for myself as sorry can be. It is not a proud moment. She says that she will call me in a prescription for Bactrum (which made me feel better last time) but that my infection has probably cultivated a resistance to that, too...my instructions are to call her back in 48 hours if the infection has not gotten better...at which point my options are to wait it out and hope it goes away on its own, or wait it out until it gets bad enough to require surgery. Either way: waiting...it...out... In pain. For a long time. With a 103.8 fever. Sounds great, thanks...I'll take the crappiest option in the world.

So here I am, 72 hours into my antibiotic (which is not working) and I haven't called yet because I do not really want to know what my OB-GYN is going to tell me. I mean, I know what she is going to tell me...but I do not want to hear it. I so badly do not want to hear it that I might just superglue a pair of earmuffs to my head.

So...here's where you come in cyber-friends...please please pray that this infection somehow resolves itself on its own (preferably sooner rather than later) and that no surgery is required (although I have half a mind to cut my boob off myself...If my boob were a person I would never speak to it again after this ordeal).

I will end this post on a good note: my beautiful, smooshy, cabbage-patch-doll of a daughter is a smiling machine.

I mean really...she is so adorable that it hurts (almost as much as having Satan himself in my mammary).


sage1952 said...


I'm so sorry that you're sick again--my prayers are for your quick and complete healing! Hang in there!!! You're right, Evie is a beautiful little smiler :)

Love, Paula Langford

Allison McQuirter said...

She is absolutely the most beautiful baby I have ever seen! I am so sorry you are having such trouble with mastitis. Please know that I am praying for you. I love you and am here if you need me! I am sooooo ready to meet Evie!!!

Love you,
Aunt Alli

carla ten eyck said...

Miss Ashley!!! I am so sad reading this, although I was smiling only because of your witty writing style! I just love reading what you write, even if you are writing about Satan being in your boobie.

I am sending you some good boobie juju right now!!

Miss you


something legit said...


My heart goes out to you and your mammary. I know this is so frustrating and not how you pictured all of this going. I pray that it'll just disappear as quickly as it RE-appeared.

On a side note your daughter is incredible.


cindy said...

Your sense of humor will get you through any and all challenges you will encounter in your life. You will be in my prayers because we all know that helps too! Don't forget to ask for a copy of the paper they write about you for Evie's baby book. :)