For the past four weeks I have been living with the paralyzing fear that, if I ever decided to take Evie out of the house...she...might...cry. Babies cry, you might say, but you have never heard MY baby cry. She gets herself going and it is as though you have just severely pissed off the most temperamental, violent Billy Goat on the face of the Earth. At times it wouldn't surprise me completely if her head started rotating around in circles.

Anyways...I have been living with this fear, which has kept me in the house 90% of the time (and has kept her in the house 100% of the time) and then...today...We. Went. Out.

And she DIDN'T CRY. In fact, she SLEPT...all cozied up in her little sling while her daddy and I perused the veggies, breads, fruits and handmade soaps at the Coventry Farmers Market. I feel as though I have conquered the world. I'm pretty sure I have.


agh said...

I'm convinced that slings are the best and only worthy baby "gadget" for the first two months of life. Saved us from many crying fits and gave me HOURS at a time for outings and adult time.

Liz T.D. said...

I LOVE you wearing that sling! You are such a natural and pro at this mom thing. I'm calling you later to discuss hanging out soon!

Robin Dini Photography said...

you look great ashley! I haven't registered for a sling yet but I know I definitely want one. Which one did you get and do you like it?

Kristina Parnell said...

Eli was 8 weeks old before we went anywhere... and it was just the doctor's office. I didn't go anywhere those first 8 weeks, either! I am proud of you for getting out - it's so hard with a newborn!