Pity. Party.

It's official...my boobs have never caused me anything but trouble. They got me mocked and teased from day one (when they appeared, literally overnight, in the 6th grade)...and now they are making life awesome YET again. Ever since Evie came home from the hospital I have been trying to get over a nasty case of mastitis. My doctors have switched my antibiotics four (yes...FOUR) times...and right now my milk is being cultured at the hospital to see why in the WORLD I am one of the lucky few whose infection doesn't seem to respond to...well...anything.
Until it does begin to respond to something, I am actually getting REST (I didn't think that word was supposed to exist in a new mom's vocabulary) because Graham's Aunt Karen (AKA my HERO) has been loving on Evie while I sleep, pump, eat, take meds, and repeat.

but, really...how could anyone feel that bad for themselves when they have something this beautiful sleeping next to them...excuse me while I go join my sugar-pie in dreamland.


agh said...

Ugh, mastitis is lame. So glad I didn't have to go down that road. Did they consider thrush from all of the antibiotics? I've heard both are SO hard and painful to deal with. Give it a swift kick in the bootay. Sending love your way.

josieandgeorge said...

Am I the ultimate blog nerd to comment that dooce has mastitis too and once again she is TOTALLY copying you?? But truly, it sounds awful and I am so sorry. Hope you get to feeling better soon :)

Lauren said...

I looked up mass-titis (hehe) online and the pictures were not very pretty. My heart goes out to you and I hope it vanishes today!