Boogie Nights (and mornings... and days...)

Evie has her first cold... and its a doozie. Now, before you go feeling all sorry for me and sending me chocolate (my favorite is hazelnut flavored) and flowers (gerber daisies, please) I should admit to you that there is a bright side to the situation. Remember back when I admitted my nose picking habit? Well, turns out that the joy I get from digging for my own gold TOTALLY translates to picking my kid's nose, too.

It's like a game: the deeper they are in there, the more points you get... plus special bonus awards for size and color. Give me one of those squeezy-bulbs over a video controller any day, thank you.

Little-bit is no child of mine. I mean, she looooovves her baths. She just might be the cleanest newborn on the planet (side note: that may be the last time I get to refer to her as a "newborn" on the blog... since, as of Wednesday, my big THREE-MONTH-OLD will officially be considered a full blown infant. Just rip my heart out and put it through a meat-grinder, why don't you?! This growing-up-too-fast crap is way hard.)

There she is, that little Benedict Arnold... just lovin' that bath. I will do my best to change that. I can just see Evie and me in ten years, sitting on the couch all sweaty from a family run (we will not take a shower for at least 48 hours afterward) picking our noses and letting the dog lick our faces. Ahh... bliss.


Erik Maziarz said...

LOL - hope Evie feels better soon!

Jen and I are OCD about Caroline's boogers too. So funny. Check this thing out:


It might seem a little over the top but it works wonders. And Caroline actually loves it. Even the biggest, crustiest, gooiest boogers don't stand a chance.

Deanie said...

You people and your boogers, sweat and lack of personal hygiene. Little Evie will be asking me some day what actually happened in her Mother's life that drove her to that "I don't care if I smell, and neither should you" phase. By the way, Webster's version of Hygiene clearly states: "a system of principles for preserving health". Hint, Hint!!! Love you!

Kari and Randy Adopt said...

Oh awesome! You have a little booger in your family! I loved reading your blog just now. Congratulations to the two of you and to your daughter for getting hooked up with you guys.

We're looking at #2 coming any day. Adoption style. Will start updating our blog again more regularly I'm sure.

Glad I saw you on facebook. Ttyl!