Saying "No" to Daycare

Graham and I are really blessed because we have figured out a way around the whole daycare thing. Now, before you get all angry: I am not saying that daycare is bad. I was a daycare baby, 8-5 everyday for much of my childhood, and I turned out just fine. So... now that we have that all cleared up, we are going to try and keep Evie out of daycare for the first 6 months or so of her life.

We have a neighbor with a 9-month-old... and this semester we will be trying our hand at baby sharing. Our neighbor will take Evie for several hours a week and, in return, we will take her son (Chase; who, by the way, is devastatingly handsome already and is going to be forced into an arranged marriage with my daughter) for a few hours.

In order to prep for Operation Babyshare, Beth (my neighbor... and, might I add so that you all know JUST how awesome and trustworthy she is, fellow SOUTHERNER) and I did a trial run this past week. Playing with Chase was a blast, but it made me realize that I cannot have another child. I mean, as if run-of-the-mill mommy guilt isn't bad enough... try attempting to divide your time between two (let alone three or, as if anyone is crazy enough, FOUR) children who need and want your attention.

And, sadly, in the battle for my attention the one who MOVES (like crazy-fast-crawling-lightening) always wins... because Evie may cry, but she isn't going to crawl into danger anytime soon. So I found myself apologizing to Evie over and over again.

I'm sorry I can't hold you, sweetie, but if I don't watch Chase he might eat the dog-food/stick his finger in an outlet/take the car and do doughnuts in the neighbor's lawn.

Can you imagine the kind of reputation I would get it I let that happen?!


something legit said...

That must be so overwhelming! I can't imagine. Good luck with everything and I'm so glad that y'all have someone that can give Evie all the attention she needs and deserves! I want to meet her!!

cindy said...

Don't give up on siblings for Evie just yet. Having 4 myself I think the trick is to have enough years between them. No more than 1 baby in diapers at a time and it works out great!!!!

chai am woman said...

Can't wait to hear how it goes! If the time comes when our current situation will no longer suffice, I would love to try the option of sharing a babysitter... I hear that is a good one as well. Cheaper but still not in daycare with a bazillion sick babies