An Inconvenient Tooth

When I was in high school my dentist told me that I did not have any wisdom teeth. His fancy x-ray machine told him so. So for the next seven years (literally... seven years) I walked around all: "I'm more evolved than you, and you, and you and especially you... sucka!"

Then, because my body was apparently on "growing-foreign-bodies" overdrive, in addition to sprouting a baby I sprouted two wisdom teeth. Since I couldn't have surgery while pregnant, I just ignored the little mouth-invaders. Now I am not pregnant anymore... but I have had enough doctor-involving predicaments to last me the next five KABAJILLION years.

What are the chances of the whole "extra-teeth-that-you-don't-need-that-can-and-probably-will-reverse-what-four-years-of-braces-corrected" situation going away on its' own? Not good? Crap... I guess I am going to have to do something about this.

This post is hyphen-happy. s-o-r-r-y. -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-...


something legit said...

Get them out immediately! Hopefully your surgery will be like Patrick's and you'll be eating cheeseburgers THAT NIGHT. I won't get into my experience..

chai am woman said...

Wisdom teeth baffle me. Since mine were "impacted" (or something that sounds silly like that) I had to have mine cut out in small pieces. But then I know other people who had the same "impacted" teeth and still have them ALONG WITH their perfect post-braces bite. Personally, I hate them. (The teeth, not the people.)