A Case of the Funnies

On Tuesday Graham and I drove to Boston to see Eddie Izzard (because, when you have a baby, you only get one night out every solar eclipse cycle and, when you get that night out, you will drive almost two hours to do what it is you want to do because IT IS THAT IMPORTANT!).

This guy is hilarious. Seriously hilarious. And totally irreverent. And smart; which just takes his irreverence to the next (informed and awesome) level. Oh, and he wears a dress (sometimes) and Graham and I are completely agreed on his immense attractiveness (allthetime).

If you ever have the chance to see him perform... and are not easily offended...I really recommend that you go.

He is officially on my list. Right along with Taye Diggs, Gerry Ghionis, Taye Diggs, Hugh Jackman, Taye Diggs, Matthew Morrison, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Taye Diggs. I guess I have a thing for men who can sing. Good thing I married one.

Don't worry. Graham has a list too; which, oddly enough, doesn't vary one iota from mine.

Just kidding. Brad Pitt is on his.

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josieandgeorge said...

No way... I've never heard of this guy until last night and someone had this VERY routine that we watched!! I laughed so hard through the entire thing. It must have been so fun to see live! Glad you got a night out!