Zero to Sixty

Listen here, little lady: I am not even ready for you to be eating solids, let alone feeding yourself.

Put. Down. The. Spoon.

Holy moly this has flown by. Someone find the pause button please.

The one person who actually likes how quickly Evie is growing is Bear. She is a lot more fun and interesting to him now that she can crawl. Ev likes him a little bit, too.

(you may want to turn down your volume - he barks)

Some big news coming up on the blog in the next couple of weeks; just a few more details to work out before we can make the official announcement!


Alli said...

Her laughter so makes me smile! :) Love you so much!!


Just the two of us! said...

awww! She is SOOOO cute! It goes by so faaast :( I CANNNOT believe Sydney is going to be THREE YEARS OLD next month!! WHAT THE HECK! Where did time go? Lets invent a pause button and become millionaires!

Just the two of us! said...

p.s. I am in SUSPENSE for the big announcement!!! *biting nails*