From a True Fashion Authority

I have never done a fashion post before. And with good reason; I have zero credibility.
I mean, I used to. I worked in fashion when we lived in LA, and I was a glorious size two. Now, however, I'm a size two + two and I live my entire life in sweats and t-shirts (and the occasional baseball cap depending on how long it's been since I showered).

Anyways. My vote for best dressed of the evening is, hands down, Toni Collette. If I were famous (which I have once-in-a-while dreamed of being) and able to attend the golden globes I would wear something just like that because, in my estimation, if it isn't fairy-tale-frilly or dazzle-me-shiny then you have just wasted a perfectly good once in a lifetime opportunity.

The lady holding her umbrella is looking pretty snazzy, too. Oh to be so rich that the person keeping RAIN OFF OF YOU has a Chanel purse...


JuliAnna said...

Hey Ashley, Graham and of course the most fashionable of all....Little Miss Evie. Mine and Elizabeth's pick for the evening was Jennifer Garner,styled by the amazing Rachel Zoe. Hope you all are well, and back in the swing of things after the holidays. Take care. Much love.
JuliAnna and Elizabeth

chai am woman said...

She does look amazing! I must admit, I didn't watch much of the Golden Globes, fashion or otherwise. AND I missed pretty much everything about the SAG awards. I've been too busy sleeping my brains out.

katie said...

You might really enjoy a blog fav of mine: gofugyourself.celebuzz.com. They talk about mostly bad fashion choices, and occasionally throw in some good ones, too.