Reason 3,682 Why Evie is Not Allowed to Listen to the Radio

I am just driving along a country road, on my way back home from the doctor's office, when all of the sudden I start to blush because of the things that my radio is saying to me.

"Let's have some fun, this beat is sick...I wanna take a ride on the disco stick"
- Lady Gaga

Now I can be as oblivious as the next person...but I get the impression that what this women is suggesting might result in procreation. I am sure that there are thousands of little girls who know every word to this song and as an almost-parent it scares me. I am also realizing (like... as I write this post) how incredibly overprotective I am going to be. So, while I ponder just how small of a bubble that I am going to shove Evie into when she is born, I am going to leave you with the lyrical musings of one Lady Gaga. Enjoy.



hebert said...

uh, yea, lady gaga is just a whole basket o' crazy

Katie Slater Photography said...

I will confess I do like her music. Okay, so now that that's out of the way, it is scary the things they are exposed to. And to watch even the first 30 seconds of the video, not only will they want to ride "disco sticks" but they'll also want to drink Campari and bedazzle their skin!! YIKES!!! :)

carla ten eyck said...

LMAO. Wait, I hope Evie doesn't read this :)