Rude Awakening...

There are some big changes about to happen in our little family...and I think that the person who is going to be hardest hit by these changes is...well...not really a person at all: he is a dog.

Two and a half years ago I fell HEAD OVER HEELS in love with this little white fluff ball. I then proceeded to purchase him and bring him into our lives completely against my husband's wishes. Seriously. Do not judge me. You would have done the same. Just LOOK at him.Since I brought him home, Bear has become so much more than a pet to us...he is a very important part of our family. People keep telling me that he is about to "become a dog", and maybe that is true, but I cannot imagine that just because I love Evie more than I can comprehend that it will make me love this guy any less. In my perfect world, baby girl and Bearsie are going to be the best of pals for the next...oh...50 years.

Yes, my dog has the longest life expectancy IN THE WORLD. What about it?

Even though I do not plan on loving him any less, this spoiled canine is in for a RUDE awakening (especially since he thinks we made the nursery just for him). He is completely, blissfully unaware that changes are in his future. He thinks that I have just been eating too many Double Stuf Oreos...(I have).

Here is a short lovers-montage for your enjoyment. I wish that I could set it to some Rod Stewart music...but I do not know how, so use your imaginations.


Graham said...

Oh man... I love that dog. He's the best little man.

Tran said...

Oh Bear. How is the little guy doing? Karma had a male maltese over recently and we called him Bear all night just for her sake (even though his name was Poco).

Lauren said...

I remember when Bear came into your life! He's so precious and I'm sure he knows SOMETHING is going on! I will tell you that one of our friends had a dog a couple of years before having their baby boy and when they were cooing over the baby the dog would turn it's back to them and look over his shoulder at the parents. SO CUTE AND HILARIOUS! They know they get snubbed but they watch over and "protect" that baby with everything in them. Evie and Bear BFF!