Tricks to Inducing Labor

I had heard that being around ridiculously adorable people could speed up delivery, so when given the opportunity to tag along on Cory and Vickie's engagement shoot with Carla and Graham I was all "SIGN ME UP!".

These two were up for anything...and so was their trusty Cocker Spaniel, Ollie. His tush can be seen in the picture below.

Playin' in some weeds. See? Told you. Up. For. Anything.

Nothing like a piggy-back-ride on the beach...right next to an abundance of algae.

Feet love!! Even their appendages are crazy about each other. Sooooo cute!!
Thank you all for letting my rolly-polly self tag along. I had a blast and was so glad to get to meet your little family! Check out the real professionals for some more shots.


Katie Slater Photography said...

I love your use of foreground / background Ashley! Great job!!!

Graham said...

These are beautiful! I love your take on the day.

Erik Maziarz said...

cool shots Ashley! love the shot with the sandals in the foreground.