40 Weeks(ish)

With our due date just around the corner, I thought now would be a good time to post one of the last pictures that will be taken while I am pregnant with Evie (I hope!). I am totally sporting the tell-tell swollen-pregnancy-face now-a-days (whoa over hyphenated sentence!). I am so ready not to be overweight anymore...I have a completely new appreciation for all of the things my body was able to do before this, like...say...reach the loofah all the way around its back...or tie its own shoelaces...or run more than three steps without getting winded.

It looks like, right out of the gate, Evie has something in common with her dad: they are both dilly dalliers. Doesn't she know that her due date is in my planner...and that means it has to happen on that VERY day, lest my head explode?! If she were any child of mine she would be PUNCTUAL, darnit!

I guess I can kiss my days of being on time "goodbye". It is hard enough getting one feet-dragger out the door. Ugh! I can feel the veins in my head bulging already!

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JuliAnna said...

You look so beautiful! I know you are ready , but have lots of reflection on these last days and demand lots of attention!!!!

Lots of love,