Only 999 Left to Go...

Graham's parents flew into town yesterday afternoon. They had already cleared their calendars around Evie's due date...and we did not want her late arrival to keep everyone sitting around on their hands. After going through a local attractions guide over breakfast, we decided that it would be fun to take a tour of The Mark Twain House in downtown Hartford (and that, even if it wasn't fun, the large quantities of stairs and walking might force me into labor).

The whole experience was a really pleasant surprise. Mark Twain (whose real name was Sam Clemens) was a remarkable man with a strong sense of humor. Learning about him made me think that, had he been alive today, I would like to have been his friend. His house here (where he spent the "happiest 17 years of his life") is absolutely gorgeous. Graham is going to build me one just like it someday.

Or at least he will build me a Lego house just like it...which is pretty much just as impressive as the real thing. I mean...can you imagine the skill that it would take to make something like this? Amazing!

Our tour guide informed us that The Mark Twain House is featured in the book 1,000 Places to See Before You Die...which was really exciting to me because I love lists and checking things off of them...and there are only 999 things left on that list. And at this rate, we can get through the entire remainder of the book before our daughter is even born.

"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little to no influence on society" - Mark Twain


Just the two of us! said...

!!!I LOVE LISTS!!! Sometimes If I am making a To DO list one day and I have already done something I was "supposed" to do that day. I will write it down on my List. Just so I can check it off! HaHa!

P.s. Nice Mark Twain Quote! :)

cindy said...

I love that book! I consult it whenever I travel for recommendations and I have someone sign and date their entry in my book. I'm hoping it will keep me alive longer since I refuse to die till I've done them all. :)