Umbilical Madness

I apologize for the lack of posting lately. To be completely honest, I am dealing with a major case of the "baby blues" (something that, apparently, no one talks about...and something that should really have a stronger name..."baby blues" just sounds so easy to handle).

Regardless, something happened today that I could not resist posting about. This morning, somewhere between feeding, burping, changing and napping a fairly monumental thing happened. I looked down on my nightgown and saw that Evie had lost her umbilical cord.
On. My. Pajamas.

Yeah. That is my pajama top...with a belly button on it. Ga-ross.

Here is a before picture...disregard the sucking...she LOVES to suck on anything and everything.


Just the two of us! said...

lol yeah I could not wait for Sydney's to "fall off" I thought it looked so gross just hanging there. However, Syd's just kinda popped off and did not end up on me EW! lol

Hope you are having fun being a new mommy. The "baby blues" will go away soon!

Katie Slater Photography said...

oh my goodness! that's so funny!

Ashley - "this too shall pass." Make that your mantra. These early days are very difficult, but they DO get better. I promise, I swear. During this time it's really good to ask for help, or to take a nap by yourself while you know Evie is being cared for by capable hands. It's important to remember YOU even though you are probably the last thing on your own mind.

I would absolutely love to help out, please let me know if I can. I had some bad 'blues' which I still remember very clearly...

**big, huge new mama hugs**

agh said...

You're right, "baby blues" does not EVEN begin to cover it. Paul and I had several talks about whether or not I might be post-partum depressed. I thought they should've called it the "baby BAZOOM there goes ALL of your emotional stablity." Which is funny looking back but at the time I was seriously considering instituions and anti-depressants haha.

A lot of people claim that everything changes at the 6-week mark but I actually started feeling worlds better by about 3-4 weeks. The hormones were a little more stable and we really fell into a good routine. I hope to goodness it doesn't take even that long for you! Those first weeks are so hard in many ways but the baby blues are certainly the worst of it.

"His mercies are fresh everyday." Hang in there, lady!

Stephen said...

::Steve runs screaming from the blog::

;-) Hang in there Ashley

JuliAnna said...

That is so funny!! It is only the beginning my dear of the most wonderful gross moments you could ever think of.

Much love,