Happy Birth Month!

Well, it is officially June. I cannot believe it (wasn't May 1st like...two days ago!?). Anyways...even though we do not have her here yet, little Evelyn will be born this month...one way or another...whether she likes it or not.

So...Happy Birth Month, Lazy Bones!!

For those of you who care/know what any of this means (I barely do) my appointment today revealed that I am 70% effaced and less than 1cm dilated (but not ZERO...a win!). As far as a time line, this means absolutely nothing...but it gave you an extra paragraph to read, didn't it?

I have been trying all of the different Old Wive's Tales...to absolutely no avail...but all of those long walks are at least providing me with a little bit of exercise (which I have had NONE of for the past couple of months). Does anyone out there have any...umm...techniques that you would recommend to expedite this little bundle of joy? While you all comment, I am going to go upstairs and scrub my floors on my hands and knees.


JuliAnna said...

The day before I had Elizabeth I went to a flea market and ate McDonalds. Sooo go spend money and eat!!!! We love ya'll and are waiting eagerly for the NEWS!
Much love,

hebert said...

Ugh, wives' tales. Boy did I try them... eggplant parmesan (we know two people that this actually "worked" for), walking, pressure points, walking, spicy foods, mooore walking and... well, I digress. We tried them all (almost) to no avail but I do know a lot of people who had luck with the following: eggplant parmesan, pressure points and (gasp!) a warm bubble bath while sipping a small glass of red wine (??).

I was 80% effaced and 2-3 cm for THREE WEEKS -- but my OBGYN was convinced I was so effaced that early on because I was stomping up and down the cement hallways at school all day. Walking is actually maybe the only thing that ever made my contractions stronger and more consistent... all that baby head banging did the trick (eventually). And if I remember, effacement is the most important part of getting the whole deal going, right? So, just think, you're most of the way there already!

I feel for you -- those last days/weeks are SO frustrating!! She'll make it, hopefully much SOONER rather than later!

Just the two of us! said...

Well, as Amanda said I also tried it ALL! Short of drinking castor oil which I felt was not such a safe technique! ew! (I found it on a random web site. Sooo I did not trust it much. Plus.. GROSS). Sydney was TEN days late and I had to be induced TWICE and she STILL was holding a sit-in, in my belly... They finally offered a C-section after 24 hours of contractions leading to nowhere.. SO I said YES get it out of meeee! lol!!! SO, good luck I hope eveie is not a stubborn as Syd and Baby G!

Nadine said...

Well, you did ask for opinions/suggestions, right??? Well ... as far as spending money, hmmmm ... never heard of that one before, although I did hear of walking, pressure points, spicy foods, and castor oil ... all of which I did try with you, child, and yet none of them worked. I was actually being wheeled in for a c-section with you when I finally let out the loudest yell in the world and the doctor said "I'd better check you again" and by George you were ready to rock-n-roll! I think I was so darned afraid of the c-section (needles involved!) that it actually scared you right out of me!

Bottom line (pardon the pun) is, she will debut when she is fully ready. God knows the hour and has a very special plan in place for her and for you! So, my Dear First Born .... BREATH, RELAX AND ENJOY ... YOUR LIFE IS ABOUT TO CHANGE FAR MORE THAN YOU CAN EVER IMAGINE .... AND FOR THE BETTER, I MIGHT ADD! Much love to you tonight and always!

Lauren said...

My boss is wondering the same thing! She said someone suggested this special raspberry tea to her. Also her doctor told her to walk, walk, walk!

p.s. I love that your site says that evelyn grace is one day old!


cindy said...

You can try riding on a very fast elevator up and down for about an hour. It needs to have at least 50 floors though. This worked for 2 people I know. Or, you can try doing what got you in this condition in the first place. That starts more women in labor than most will admit to. You just have to be a little creative. :) Good Luck. Get ready for the biggest pain in the butt you are ever going to love! - Cindy Ricketts (you don't know me but I've been enjoying your blog)

Leslie Campbell said...

Hey Ashley! I heard you were pregnant and have been reading your blog every once in awhile. You are such a cute pregnant woman and you and Graham are going to make wonderful parents!! Your nursery is precious by the way!!! I love the bird them for Evelyn!

I have heard that getting in a hot tub helps speed up labor.

Looking forward to seeing pics of precious little Evie soon! Good luck on your labor!