June Ten Eyck Tuesday

(I am still pregnant. I do NOT want to talk about it.)

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to go down to New Haven for the day and shoot some gorgeous people, flowers, dresses, and rooms. There was just gorgeousness galore that day...what can I tell you?! The New Haven Lawn Club set the stage for an amazing shoot, while Tony Palmieri, The White Dress by the Shore, and Jennie Fresa added unbelievable details (because what's a stage without props? empty. that's what.).

Here we have the lovely Mandi rocking a bird-cage veil. Those things just scream "vintage". I love it!

Tony (of Datura, A Modern Garden) is a genius of the floral-loving variety...and I have these pictures to prove it. Seriously, he does things with plants that could blow your mind!

This one is cheese-o-riffic, I know...but a little cheese never killed anyone (unless you are super lactose intolerant...in which case I am sorry...because that means you are missing out on one of life's greatest pleasures: soft-serve ice-cream)

More amazing sculptural floral pieces...

I love this shot of Candace...she is very elegant with the side swept hair

This shot of Mandi in her orchid shawl (yes, you read that right...there was a shawl. made from orchids. ahhh!) is one of my favorites.

And there you have it. To see more pictures of this beautiful day check out the pros and their blogs: Carla, Graham, Katie, and Eric...the talent and dashing good looks behind C10ike Photography.


tony palmieri said...

yes! these images are awesome. i LOVE your shots of the shawl and the square bouquet so much! great work.

nikki nicole photography said...

ms ashley you are quite the photographer and i an impressed! keep up the wonderful work!

amanda.mandi said...

Thanks so much for a great day! The photos are lovely!