The Final Countdown

Every year I get to celebrate my own special holiday. It's not my birthday...it's not even my half birthday. It is something so much more exciting.


This year said day falls on August 4th...and I am just countin' down the days until that mystical brown chariot (ahem...UPS) brings me my new planner. Every year I think that I have gotten the bestest, awesomest, most amazingest one ever...but this one really is. It even says my name on it (I'd like to take this moment to squeal repeatedly and jump around my room...okay I'm back).

Did I mention it says my NAME on it?!

It's from Erin Condren...and if you are, say, a slightly-neurotic-obsessive-compulsive-planning-maniac (not that I know of anyone who fits that description) than this place is like Nirvana. No. It's like Nirvana with an all-you-can-eat Cold Stone Creamery inside.

I mean...YAY!!!


Orchard Cove Photography said...

I was totally with you on this until mean Carla made me give up my paper calendar in favor of I-Cal. I like it but it's just not the same :)

agh said...

You are a woman after my own heart! Planners are love. I try to explain this to my students on a weekly basis when they "forget" their homework but they just don't feel me. My current planner, which I LOVE, goes until December but I am tempted to totally copy you and order one like yours -- the features look AWESOME!!

Just the two of us! said...

You are a woman after my own heart!!! I LOVE love LOVE love LOVE panners! I have to keep a planner for school[homework bah] and for my not-so social life. Helps me keep track of b-days and such. Each year I spend hours and apon hours searching for the PERFECT planner! Yours looks AMAZING! I have to wait until December to get a new one, I will most likley end up getting it around November! hah!

Just the two of us! said...

HaHa! I just read Amanda's comment!! Apparently we are twins...I am glad all of us have a love of planners!