Holy Adrenaline Batman!

Ever since I can remember, my mom has been an "awake-at-five-a.m.-go-until-your-feet-give-out" kind of person. She has an insane amount of energy that she did NOT pass on to me. Me, I'm more of a "spend-as-much-time-as-possible-on-the-couch-sleep-as-late-as-you-can" type of person. Except that maybe she did pass the energy on to me... it's just been lying dormant all these years waiting to be needed. I channeled that energy today... and I cannot explain the amount of to-do's that got checked off my list... nor can I explain the sense of accomplishment that I felt from the fact that...BOO YA, I did it all while taking care of my 7-week-old while daddy was at work.

I: finished packing us for our trip to Atlanta, cleaned and vacuumed my entire house, went on not one but TWO walks, did two loads of laundry, put said laundry away, did one load of dishes, ironed Graham's work outfit, gave my dog a bath (because he has been going on too many wilderness adventures and consequently gave me poison ivy), and changed our sheets (because I love to snuggle my husband and I consequently gave him poison ivy... on his butt)... all while managing to eat three square meals.

Super Woman WHAT WHAT?!?!

- this blog-post is brought to you by more of Ashley's non-substance-induced energy burst -


josieandgeorge said...

I am laughing rather cruelly at Graham's plight, but congrats on your productive day! I will be in Atlanta this weekend too...I'm sure everyone has already claimed your time, but if you have a minute free I'd love to see you! Have a safe trip (and a speedy healing to you and your hubby).

Deanie said...

Since you happened to "share" some of that poison ivy with Graham, be sure to share some of that steroid cream with his butt, too!!!

That photo of Evie is ADORABLE!!!!

something legit said...

That's amazing, boo! I sadly can't say the same thing and I DO NOT have a 7 week old...okay sad.

Alli said...

Way to go! It's always such a high when you have those good days & get a lot done. Evie is such a cutie!

Just the two of us! said...

WOW!! You deserve not one round-of-applause BUT about twelve of them!!! Hurray for getting items checked off your to do list!!