Whoopity Doo!

** this entire post is meant to be read in a high-pitched, squealy voice of pure excitement **

Dudes... do you know what today is? No. You don't. Allow me to enlighten you. This, my friends, is the first day of school. The NINETEENTH consecutive first day of school that I have ever had (excluding pre-school... which I also went to). Now... you might read this and, at first glance, think that I am complaining... but let me just assure you right now that I am NOT.

There is a reason that I have been in school for my entire life. A reason that I will most likely remain in some academic setting for the remainder of my life. I. LOVE. SCHOOL. (she says as she pushes her taped together glasses further up her nose and snorts). But really... I get those first-day-of-school-jitters like a kid on Christmas morning. It's weird, but it never fails. This is not to say that I always like school (there are days that it is like being forced to eat the last few Oreos in the box because YOU started it, YOU have to finish it... even if it hurts. Even if it kills you.) But I do always love the first day.

And now it is even better... because I get paid to be there. It's as though someone was so dazzled by my past efforts at school and learning that they said: "You want to learn more? Here, have some MONEY TO GO WITH THAT."

And I said "Yes, please" and "Thank You"... because my mother taught me manners.

See how excited I am?!

Also, Generation Y called and threatened to vote me off the island if I didn't join Twitter. So I did. Follow me @ThreeScobeys!

(do you still have your high-pitched, squealy voice on? really?)


Aunt Alli said...

Well, sweet girl, this trait IS somewhat familial - I am preparing to begin PhD coursework b/c I haven't been a student in a while and it is KILLING me!!!! Hugs and kisses!! Love you!!

Aunt Alli

Just the two of us! said...

um, I just want to say that we are totally in the same boat!!! I LOVE school and even though I too will one day be paid to be there. I will miss getting to buy fresh, empty notebooks just WAITING to be written in. I will miss buys new pens and post its. I am sure that the teacher position will bring a whole new set of things to buy and prepare for the first day of school but I think a part of me will be sad on my very last day of school as a student!!!

horay for nerds!

Anonymous said...

Im so happy there are people out there who love school! (and that I don't have to be one of them!) I even hated when my kids had to go back to school - I am so into summer break that Ive moved to the beach!!! Lolly