**Warning: If you do not want to know some fairly intimate details about my life then do not read this post...k thanks**

Yesterday morning I had an appointment to have a Mirena put it. I had done a lot of research about which type of birth control to use after Evie was born because, well, for those of you who didn't hear me WAILING this from the roof-tops 11 months ago, I was using birth control when I got pregnant. I was never one of those "take it at the same time every day" type of people...and apparently the consequence of that is HAVING A CHILD THAT YOU DID NOT PLAN FOR.

(Evie, if you are reading this eons from now I want you to know something: we are so blessed to have you and you are the best surprise we have ever gotten...that, and at one point in time I was a pretty cool person, so even though you probably think my music, clothes and everything else about me is lame and embarassing...just know it could be worse)

Soooo...I go in to the Doctor yesterday and I am getting prepped and ready. Now, I know that this procedure is not supposed to be painless...I mean...let's be honest...you are having something shoved through your cervix and into your Uterus...so the chances of you being all "Please sir, may I have another" are slim to none. Long story short: there was pain. And bleeding. Lots of bleeding. I left with a NeuvaRing...not a Mirena. Apparently I am completely Gynecologically challenged; anything that can go wrong at the OB-GYN will go wrong so long as I am involved. Apparently my cervix did not dialate enough during labor (since I had a c-section) and the Mirena was absolutely not going to fit.

So instead of worrying about birth control every 5 years, I will be worrying about it every 3 weeks...which still beats the heck out of worrying about it every day.

At the end of the day, though, everything happens for a reason...and the result of my not-so-100%-effective-birth-control is pretty freakin' cute. And cuddly. And I am crazy in love with her.

Who wouldn't be?!

Is anyone out there on the ring? How do you like it?


Deanie said...

Oh, GIRL! You just always make me smile, even when I am worried sick about you!!! Your posts are so uplifting .... thanks!


Rob and Jen said...

Ashley- I got pregnant on birth control too! And like you, I never took my pill the same time every day. Wow, we are the same, except I did get the mirena. I hate that it didn't work for you, because I absolutely love it. But I just want to say, I think unplanned pregnancies are the BEST blessing. I wouldn't change a thing with how we had Grayden and I know you feel the same about Evie! She's beautiful, enjoy every second because they grow way too fast!

Cari and Logan said...

Ashley...I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, esp. since we don't talk a lot...but a friend of Logan's got pregnant on the NuvaRing. :S ...but then again...she could have screwed something up and not put it in on time....

Your little surprise is so freakin' cute...I agree.

agh said...

First... what a sweet picture of little Evie! What darn cute surprises we have :)

Honestly, I've heard nothing about IUD's except for IUDrama! I know not one, but TWO women who got pregnant while on Mirena. Though I'm sure it does work for the thousands of other women on it haha. I mean... since I am (stupidly) not on birth control right now, I'm considering that option. The "mini-pill" (when I was breastfeeding) was the worst BCP I've EVER been on. Ever. It's the worst. And, let's face it, the name "mini" doesn't exactly reassure that it works very well.

Kristen said...

Hey girl! I am on NuvaRing and Love it! I've been on it for 2 years. It's so much more convenient than taking a pill at the same time every day! Hope you have as much luck with it as I have!