I Have to Have This!!

I know that it will be a long time before the little acrobat in my stomach is out and eating food...but I have found something that I am dying to get!!

The Beaba Babycook just started being offered in the States by Williams-Sonoma. They have been using them in France for years (but don't hold that against the appliance).

You pick the fruit, veggie, or meat...then peel and dice it...and this amazing little thing does the rest. It steams and purees. You can know exactly what your little one is eating (no preservatives or sugar in this mushed up banana!).

Two other amazing things: 1) An apple costs a WHOLE lot less than even one jar of babyfood...and one apple would make about 4 servings in the Babycook. 2) It is green!!

We are having a major snow day here today...so Graham and I are staying warm and hanging out inside. I am sparing you the pictures and details...I know you're all like "We get it. It snows there. Geeze!!".


The Reiboldts said...

I made almost all of Belle's baby food. The only stuff I bought was for using when we would eat out. I loved the babycook, but to save money I used a steamer and my food processor. I could make about 14 servings at a time since it was so much easier. Most things would then freeze for 3 months. I recommend www.wholesomebabyfood.com

AGH said...

yes!! this is exactly what my mom wants to get us for grayson. we know one family who made all of their own babyfood, especially for the first few months, and it really saved them money and she got some GREAT reactions on video haha