Your Mom is a Poladroid

Actually...this post should be called something less offensive...but I couldn't resist. I have come across an application that turns regular old pictures into something far more exciting: Polaroids.

Finding this almost makes up for some of the tears that I cried when I learned that Polaroid was getting the ax. For those of you who are as incredibly excited about this as I am, you can download the Poladroid app here! Knock yourself out, kids. You can thank me later. Possibly by sending me the book in my previous post.


Liz T.D. said...

and they're no longer getting the ax! Polariods are here to stay...at least for now.

AGH said...

sometimes i use an online program called Picnik to do fun editing but the polaroid option (like our blog header) is just a polaroid "frame." this is SO much better than that!! i love it.

Anonymous said...

As Liz said, an Austrian business man bought partial rights and will keep producing them. One of the links is here. Can't wait till they hit stores again.